Thursday, 14 April 2011

Daily "Hate" Mail

I like to think that in general I am a well-rounded individual (Mind AND body) but today I have been on a journey so dark and dangerous that I don't think my mind will ever truly recover.

Daily Mail Online.

A site filled with so much darkness, distrust and hate that I fully expected every byline to say Beezelbub.

If I listened to every word the site said I would end up a immigrant hating, fat hating, goverment hating (I suppose one out of three isn't bad) hater who hated everything INCLUDING myself.

The Daily Mail Online simply revels in tearing people apart for the sake of it,
For example one of todays EXTREMELY important articles is "How to wear denim and NOT look like Gwen Stefani"

Erm, the same Gwen Stefani you have been lauding as a fashion icon and usually take great delight in listing what she is wearing and where it is from?

Most of the DM Online seems designed to purely keep us in a confused state.

The starvation vacation, loving your curves, Christina Hendricks with a spoon in her mouth (Oh the mortification, she EATS!!!!! how DARE she) plus the taxpayers paying for gastric bypasses.

What am I meant to do?????????

Eat or starve myself? I may have to have a cake while I sit and THINK.

Although the Femail section seems to have been written in a way so that us women don't even have to do that.

Heaven forbid I should be distracted from planning the evening meal.

Unless i'm a stay-at-home mother, in which case surely I will just be getting the taxpayers to buy KFC surely.

The things that concern me according to Femail are


Fashion for under a fiver

A father resenting his children

Cowgirl style being back in fashion

and Liz Jones being bothered by a knock at the door
(shame it wasn't men in white coats with a 72hr hold notice)

Sorry Daily Mail, as a female don't I want to know about Japan? The New York serial killer? Politics?

Of course not, I should just sit and read recipes and find the perfect jeans for my HUGE arse.

It's all about priorities isn't it.

And the Daily Mail online certainly helps me sort out mine.

and going back on their site is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down on that list.

Let me know what you think.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. So true! I onnly started having a flick through DM on my lunch breaks of recent and was soon put off with the amount of tripe that is on there! Good thing im not a naive person who believes everything in the press! xx :o)

  2. I've long been a loather of the Daily Mail but today I just erally realised how much they HATE women. urgh.

  3. I try to stay away from it, I really do, but I end up on it more often than I'd like. That turnip-headed-man-baby resenting his children put me in a bad mood today, I actually reckon the DM make up half the stuff just to tick people off. They're obsessed with weight too. And Suri Cruise. I may have to add it to my list of blocked sites...

  4. Yea its weirdly addictive and incredibly toxic isn't it. I tend to read and then comment as if I am a lesbian, illegal immigrant with an eating disorder who claims housing benefit. Middle England gets rsi every time I comment!

  5. Liz Jones gets my blood pressure through the roof - I've learned to avoid her column when I have midwife appointments that week as it usually takes me about five days and three good size cakes to recover from it all...

  6. So true!

    If the stories aren't bad enough it's the cruel and sick comments that people leave under them that make me even more angry!

  7. Oh yes, Debbie & Sarah. The comments are a WHOLE other blog post aren't they?

    But the DM have whipped them up into such a mob mentality they feel they SHOULD be irate about things that a normal person would just ignore as being idiotic and racist.

    Some of the comments actually scare me!!

  8. Daily mail...otherwise known as the"daily fail" I can't read it without shouting at my computer screen. I just can't cope with the I'll informed bigotry interspaced with fluff...

  9. I also read the Daily Fail myself but I treat it like online trashy magazine rather than actual news. If I want real news stories I go for the BBC.

    If I don't read DM then I'll never know what Kim Kardashian had for tea, what Abbey Clancey thinks of motherhood, and what Liz Jones thinks of shop staff!


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