Monday, 4 April 2011

Dear Charlie,

Oh Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. (Shakes head sorrowfully)

Dude, you are probably laying on your bed at the moment, surrounded by hookers, cash and enough class A to pull a visit on her Majesty's pleasure wondering where it all went wrong. (Or not)

So the reviews for your first night show Charlie Sheen Live: My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option were lets face it, less than favourable. People walked out and demanded compensation. (It must've reminded you of your ex wives)

(Although what were people expecting with a rambling title like that, You should've stuck to Charlie Sheen, Live and Unhinged. Saves on the expectations and build up)

Your (second) wife has gone, your children are gone, quite frankly you are starting to sound like a Country and Western record. (Do you have a dog? Dude tie it up quick)

Don't worry Charlie, You are the embodiment of The Emperors New Clothes, People will be attending your next performance saying how funny you are, how intellectually stimulating and modern your performance is in a post modernistic ironic way. (I have no idea what I just wrote there) People are going to basically blow smoke up your arse and tell you how amazing you are.


Yep it happened, Chicago LOVED Charlie Sheen.
See? Emperors New Clothes syndrome.  

Charlie, you have 3,427,046 Twitter followers, How many of them do you think are hanging on your every word #winning #Tigerblood and how many of them are waiting for you to self destruct in a spectacular way.

And you bet your arse that when you do self destruct, Millions of people will say what an amazing comedic actor you were, one of the best of our generation. Gone but never forgotten, so sad.

And maybe, I think you are ok with that.

And THAT is the saddest part of all.

Big Fashionista

What do you think? Is Charlie Sheen heading for self destruct or is he just doing his own thing and #winning?

Let me know.


  1. Given that the human body can only take so much, I say he's on a slippery slope ... very sad.

  2. I don't know who is the daftest of them all here. Charlie Sheen and his deluded sense of importance to have actually hosted a one man show standing thing (to say what by the way?) or the people actually paying to see him?

    "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not An Option were lets face it" <-- you actually need to have smoked to understand the title of that performance.

    Yes, he put fire to the internet, yes he enflamed the media for his behaviour and took over Twitter and Youtube (I am for one absolutely addicted to youtube schmoyoho parody oh his interview and actually sing the lyrics (how sad I know)
    (video is there: and is only brilliant if you have watched the original interview) BUT do I follow him on twitter? No. Will I pay to go and see him? NO. Greedy silly boy. He already had his internet live 'blogtv' style internet shows which were popular, why did he have to go and do that? Cos he wants his rubbish he says to be monetised. Greedy much?

    What the hell the people who paid to see him were expecting to see anyway? xx

  3. Bloody brilliant. It wont be long now before celebs in crisis will be spamming you asking you to "do them" in your next post!!x

  4. I may sound cynical, but as a psychologist, watching his very cleverly orchastrated "break down" I'm doubtful he's as ill as he claims.

    Whenever I've known people to suffer problems he claims he does, they can hardly leave the house or string a sentence together... yet he's cleverly managed to appear at so many events, put on a stage show, create merchendise and rake in more money and fans all in a very short space of time. I don't doubt that he has some psychological problems such as possibly delusions of how amazing he is and he's potentially having a manic episode of bipolar... either way there's more calculation behind it than just a break down.

    Also I guess my explaination doesn't tell us why he got his kids taken away from him unless the Mrs is in on it?

    As I said I'm probably being too cynical but he's doing very "well" for himself if he is having an episode!

    Great post as always hun xxx

  5. I live with an OH who loves Charlie Sheen, but he irritates me about as much as Katie flippin' Price does. The problem with celebrity these days is that it's all "Look at Me!" and unfortunately, the media laps these episodes up more than seeing a celeb being's just not quite so entertaining for them, I suppose!

    Thinking about Lauren's comments above, it's interesting how many "look at me" type celebs are diagnosed with bipolar, Kerry Katona rings a bell! It's like a vicious cycle!

  6. I could write a 20 thousand word dissertation on how much this man irritates me...however...not wanting to take up to much space I shall keep it simple! The man is an arse!


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