Thursday, 7 April 2011

Devil food

As a mother of three I am used to my children looking at certain foods suspiciously as if there is a chance it may poison them (I'm a terrible cook, they are right to be worried) but as adults we are expected to be less fussy and enjoy what is put in front of us.

We are the ones telling children,

"Eat your greens, they are good for you"

"Crusts will make your hair curly"

"Carrots will help you see in the dark"

We are a bunch of hypocrites really aren't we?

Because if we dislike a certain food we avoid it like the plague, we give it evil status in our minds and banish it to the bowels of hell never to be consumed again.

For me it is Parsnips. What is with Parsnips? They are just anemic carrots that got lucky-Yuk (I wouldn't put one of them in my mouth even if you told me it was Paul Rudds c..................... Ok, I'll leave that one there)

For my friend it is brussel sprouts, she says that cabbages should never be that small!!!! (it's very lucky that she is pretty)

The distrust we attach to food that we don't like is our way of justifying why we don't eat it.

We need to set up an adult version of the things we tell children to make them eat the food they don't like.

"Eat your parsnips, they will make you a size 8"

"If you eat up all your brussels your skin won't wrinkle"

"Finish all your cheese and your teeth will whiten"

It COULD work.

What food do you hate?

And WHY do you hate it?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I can't eat crust. I still cut it off my bread and toast. Even if Im at Gareths mums and she makes me bacon on toast or something, she'll even cut the crust off for me lol.

  2. HAHA you make me laugh so much. I actually like all foods i think (healthy appetite...) apart from one... GINGER. I don't mind gingerbread biscuits (typical, i like the fattening foods) or sweet things with ginger in them but when eating stir fry and I get a big chunk of ginger I want to be sick. What is the point in that hideous root? it is banned from my house. xo.

  3. Cucumber actually makes me gag, and I hate mushrooms because of their nasty texture!

  4. Minced Beef = urgh! it's a Childhood thing - Gran used to boil it for hours....

    I love a good steak, or even frying steak, but mince that stuff up and I'm good to gag!

    This rules our lasagne, chilli con carne, spag bol and so many other 'easy' foods that people tend to cook for parties and family get togethers! On these occasions, you'll find me with plates of potato and salad!

  5. I took a different approach to food with my kids, I appreciate all too well that as an adult there are a host of things I don't like. Mayo, bananas, cold pasta, beetroot etc and I can imagine nothing worse than being forced to eat them. I recall one hideous event with a cheese and apple pasty (I mean come on, MING!), I was made to sit at the table until I ate it. I was still there at 9.00pm and my mum sent me off to bed. It acheived nothing.

    So if my kids dislike something, I don't make them eat it and next time I give them something they do like. Neither of mine like carrots unless they are raw, so they have a small handful of raw carrot before dinner instead.

    I try really hard not to be hypocritcal as a parent. especially on this subject as I learned very early on with my kids that turning mealtimes into a battleground is totally detrimental!

  6. Purple sprouting broccoli and cabbage both make me wretch every time I try to force it down my throat. I just can't deal with the flavour, I have no idea why, I just end up feeling like I need to get it all out of my body ASAP lol. xxx

  7. I'm one of those people that will eat, or at the very least try, pretty much anything! There are a lot of foods I usually like but HATE if they aren't cooked properly...overcooked veggies are the number one offenders!! The only thing I can think of that I really truely hate is pigs trotters! Vom vom vom!!!!

  8. I don't like bananas. I don't mind the flavour but the texture is all wrong. I think its a childhood thing. When I was a child my dad worked for a big fruit importers so we always had cases of bananas and I was fed them often.

    I don't like eggs either. I can only eat scrambled eggs and they have to be bone dry - so dry they'd bounce. If there's even a hint of runny yolk I want to throw up.



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