Thursday, 21 April 2011

Funeral songs

I am extremely scared of death. Terrified in fact. As a child I used to sob in my pillow terrified that I would die.

Occasionally I still do.

When I was a teenager I even joined a church to see if they held the answers (They didn't)

The only thing that for some reason makes me feel a little better is planning my funeral songs.

It gives me a feeling of control.

First song.

Guns & Roses

Don't Cry.

Second song

Andrea Bocelli

Time To Say Goodbye

Third song

The Beatles

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

and then just as my coffin goes behind the curtain for the last time and everyone sobs (Ooooh they better sob)

My Finale.



(Had to be done didn't it?)

So what are your funeral songs?

Have you already got them planned out?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I am terrified of dying, I think it's because it's the one thing in life that I know I will do completely alone, and that freaks me out.

    I only have two songs that I've always had in mind for my funeral:

    Michael Jackson - You are not alone (which is a weird choice, because I don't consider myself a Michael Jackson fan at all!! But I like the song, and it fits)

    Blink 182 - I'm Lost Without You (this is more for the lyrics than anything, but I love the song too!)

    I'm sure I'd have to squeeze a Linkin Park song in there somewhere, but not sure which one :)

  2. Blimey not planned it to this extent although will insist on Billie Holiday singing "I'll be seeing you" as I disappear behind that curtain. That'll choke them up! I rather love Etta James singing At Last - which although not very appropriate is a sentiment I am sure my mourners may well also appreciate! xx

  3. Kat M, when I was depressed I listened to Linkin Park constantly. Have to say, it didn't help x But In The End is one of my favourite tracks when I want to feel, if you know what I mean.

    Debbie, I hear you. Let's make them sob x x

  4. I used to listen to Linkin Park, when I was angry about something. Maybe I've lost my angry tendencies, because I don't listen to them that much these days :)

  5. Ooooh! I'd have to have "We'll meet again" but the Johnny Cash version as my final song. If you haven't heard it, google it. It's beautiful!

  6. Doctor and the Medics - Spirit In The Sky!

  7. I'm having Hot in Herre by Nelly at the crematorium.

    I'm not scared by death, but I used to work in a hospice and have seen a lot of people die peacefully.


  8. When my dad found out his cancer was terminal he did state what he wanted for his funeral, no sober suites just jeans and flip flops and Smoke gets in your eyes by The Platters. We honoured that. I'd like Fergus sings the blues by Deacon Blue, I#m a dreamer by Livin Joy (can't really explain but it was just a really happy time in my life) and the Master Plan by Oasis.

  9. Jeff Buckley. Pretty much anything from the Grace album. And any of the Charlie songs from The Whitlam's Eternal Nightcap album. But then I decided that I didn't want a funeral when I die so I don't need to whittle down my list anymore. xxx


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