Monday, 11 April 2011

Label me at your peril

What am I?

(Actually don't even think of answering that!!!!)

Because I don't even know, and frankly, I quite like it that way.

It's that time of year again where there are Blog Awards and nominations doing the rounds and it's the time of year where I like to hide away because I don't actually want to be "labelled"

I'm just going to put this out there and do with it what you will.

The thought of me being labelled a "Mummy blogger" fills me with such nausea I think I may actually have thrown up a bit in my mouth.

Yes, I am a mother AND I am a blogger, but a mummy blogger? Nope that label isn't for me thanks.

I spend enough time being labelled as Georgias' mum, Morgans mum, Scarletts mum, Even Brennans partner, or Lindas daughter in other parts of my life that sometimes I forget that I am my own person in my own right.

I don't want to be defined by my children in EVERYTHING I do!!!!

and I DON'T want to be put neatly into a box or fit cleanly into one area.

Where is the fun in that?

Am I the only one who is slightly insulted by the term mummy blogger?

Defined by our ability to make babies and then write about them? It just seems to me to be another way of reminding people that they are a mum and should know their place.

(Kitchen luv, get in the kitchen)

I read a lot of blogs by women who write about their children and I enjoy them in the same way as I enjoy make-up blogs or fashion blogs but I really don't see the need to categorise them as Mummy Bloggers.

Don't even get me started on the term mumprenuer.

Oh you've done it now.

Why oh why oh why would or should anyone be described as a mumprenuer!!

You never hear the term Dadprenuer do you? Then you are just a Entrepreneur.

Is it that mumprenuers want an extra pat on the back because they are also raising children as well as a business OR are they once again being categorised by someone else to remind them not to get above themselves?

Some questions for you.

If you are a mother or a father that blogs how do YOU feel about being categorised as a mummy or daddy blogger?

Do YOU call yourselves that, or do you find you have just been categorised that way?

Same for mumprenuer, Would you ever describe yourself as one?

Or does the thought of it make you feel as though it is belittling everything you do?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I completely agree, I would hate to be described as a mummy blogger , I am a mum and occasionally I mention my children but I blog because I like to write and I like to get some of the stuff going on in my head out of it! I think too much so it has to go somewhere! Sometimes I see some of these so called mummy blogs as a bit exploitive of their children but that may be just my opinion.

    Love your blog by the way

    From Izzy's mum, Tia's mum , Lacey's mum, Autumn's mum and oh yes my name was once just Emma!

  2. it doesn't bother me, but its my understand that Mummy bloggers are a particular style of blogs, about being parents, or cooking kids food, or any area of parenting... it's not a term usually applied to any blogger who is a mummy, so there are beauty bloggers and a mummy bloggers and techy bloggers and so on. I'm not and have never been (to my knowledge) categorized as a mummy blogger and I would be bothered if I was because thats just not what I do, I'm a beauty blogger, but if my blog was about the kids then I wouldn't be bothered at all!

  3. I call myself a Mummy Blogger, but I don't consider myself to be *just that* because really as my profile says, 'I'm a Mummy that blogs'. I've not really seen it as a label to be honest. I blog about anything that interests me, but most of what I do *does* revolve around my kids... but that's the way I like it... each to their own I say!

  4. I am a mummy and I am a blogger and am happy to be called a mummy blogger! It doesn't bother me at all! I think like Charlie said, it is more to do with the genre of your blog and not just you are a mummy therefore you are a mummy blogger. I do blog about parenting but also fashion, beauty, food, interior design and a whole heap of other stuff too! Being labelled a mummy blogger doesn't mean that I can't talk about anything other than dirty nappies - thank god!
    Great blog post though and certainly food for thought x

  5. I am a mummy and I blog too, and it doesn't bother me that I get called a "mummy blogger" in fact, I had to leave a message today with someone and it was regarding "mummy blogging"! I don't blog about "just" being a mum but it does control almost 90% of my life, so why not!

    I do agree with mumprenuer though, mainly because I can't actually pronounce it!!


  6. Some great comments so far which have given me food for thought also. X

  7. I'm not a mum, so I can't comment in that sense. But, the label I hate is: Chris's sister. I love my brother to pieces, I really do, but I feel like my entire life has been in his shadow, just because everyone knows and remembers him (he's in a wheelchair). When I had my TB injection at School, I was scared beyond belief and as soon as the Nurse saw my paperwork she was all "ooh, are you Chris's sister?" and her asking questions about him just made me feel worse, because I just wanted to get it over with, and she just kept going on and on! I even had it completely randomly at the Job Centre once!

    I just want to be me, Kathryn!

    The only reason people guess I'm his sister is because I have such a "different" surname, and I sometimes consider just scrapping my surname all together haha!

  8. THIS!!!

    I am fairly sure that if such a category existed, I would have been voted 'least likely to procreate'. Not because I am heinously ugly or antisocial, but because I am much too busy being fabulous, wearing 'difficult' shoes, knitting, baking, dancing and swilling gin to have a child.

    However, now the dumpling has arrived... 'mummy' has become the number one prefix. I seriously freaked out the first time I was called 'Chloe's Mum' by someone who genuinely didn't know that I had any other name.

    Mummy Blogger, to me anyway, is the sort of name that belongs to the Mumsnet Boden nazis who write at length about darling Imogen Tigerlily Strumpet's sensitivity to a particular kind of polyester only found in common people. You know the ones.

    I am ranting. In conclusion... I am Mummy. And Kelly. And many other things.

  9. The term "mumpreneur" makes me want to kill someone. It really does give me the rage.

    I blog about food and occasionally about my kids and other stuff but I actually do it to get away from being X&Y's Mum !

  10. You might be pleased to know that when I read your blog I forget that you are a mum. I wouldn't read any 'mummy blogs' anyway as I don't have children.

    I don't mind mums mentioning their kids on their beauty blogs now and again because that is real life but it's not the focus of the blog.


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