Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Missing out?

Apparently, I'm missing out.

I haven't lived.

someone even went as far as to call me a disgrace (hurtful)

What have I done to deserve such disdain and malice?

My crime is to admit that I have never in all my thirty-something years on this fine earth............................................................................


What do you mean I'm a disgrace? Don't you lot start!!!!!!!

I never meant to ignore the fun and frolics of Angela Lansbury, Dick Van Dyke and those little cute children (There are children in it aren't there? Or am I confusing it with Mary Poppins) It just never appealed to me.

And for that I am cast out like four day old salmon?

I read The DaVinci code, I've even watched The Only Way Is Essex to see what all the fuss is about. (It's shite) I like to think I am down wiv da kidz Yet my whole world has been shattered by the pitying glances of friends who think I had a deprived childhood because I've never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!!!!

So help me out here,

Is there a famoous film that you haven't seen?

Mr Fashionista hasn't seen The Sound Of Music!!!!

Bless him, he must have had it hard as a kid


Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I hate this film, the child catcher is hideous, gave my nightmares for years. Even as an adult I wouldn't watch it again.

    There I said it.

    I haven't seen Wizard of Oz all the way through...

  2. Still haven't seen and have no intention of going out of my way to see Titanic. Besides I know what happens...

  3. I have to say I haven't seen Twilight either, and like ForestFlower says. I have no intention of!

    (think I'm scared I'll love it and be the oldest Twi-hard ever)

    Wizard of Oz Hazel? Blimey, I don't know if I have either!!!

  4. I've never seen The Godfather(or is it just Godfather) I don't know but apparently according to my so called friends that means I'm not normal!

    The child catcher scared the life out of me when I was little and I've not shared Chitty Chitty bang bang with my children , so that will be their film that they missed out on!

  5. *small voice* I haven't seen The Sound Of Music either.

    Also, never seen The Godfather or The Wizard of Oz. Although I had to sit through the muppets version recently (of The Wizard of Oz. The Muppetfather would be too wrong).

    Oh, and I've only recently seen Breakfast at Tiffanys.

  6. I love this film and Wizard of Oz, I haven't seen any Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (are they the same film?) or any Twilight, got no interest in them either. Up to 6 months ago i hadn't seen the Godfather either, I didn't like it much to be honest x

  7. I haven't seen Dirty Dancing which never fails to shock people. Haven't seen the Sound of Music or the Harry Potter films either.

  8. I've never watched it all the way through!

  9. The Mr. couldnt get over I hadnt seen the Goonies growing up & don't get me started on Twilight!

  10. Wow, suddenly I feel a lot better :-)

  11. you all dont know what your missing!!!!! twilight is addictive, i watched the films then started reading the books (im on the last one). sound of music is just a classic as is wizard of oz... i could watch them all day (is that sad)?? iv never seen the godfather but that is definatley on my next list. But iv got to admit i have never watched chitty chitty band bang either yet knows the song very well (strange) from the comments of the scary children,maybe our parents was trying to protect us from the scary nightmares that some of you have had..

  12. I've never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and have zero intention of watching it. Same goes for any of the Harry Potter movies, Rocky movies or The Godfather movies, I haven't even seen the Sound of Music!

  13. Ah. I've not seen any Herbie, Marx film, Chaplin film, James Bond, any Star Wars, Avatar, Twilight (or its sequels), The Hangover, Anything involving Seth Rogen except 'Knocked Up', which I had to watch because I was at someone else's house when it was on; Any of the Bourne Identity ones; Mission Impossible; Citizen Kane, The Great Escape... basically anything that's been bigged-up and considered a classic.

    I have, however, an awesome collection of very obscure horror, court sagas and strange disaster movies. And weird rom-coms that nobody's heard of. Anything that was a box-office flop. I think it's the whole 'anti-establishment' teen me rearing her rebel goth head - if it's popular, then I'm like "oh, I'm not seeing that then". Logic at its finest.

  14. I have never seen The Sound of Music of music and regularly get told that because of this "I haven't lived" and "I don't know what I'm missing" but it still does not appeal to me! I also haven't seen The Godfather, but do intend to watch that.
    I have however watched the first Twilight film, and can honestly say I am devastated that I will never get back the two hours of my life I lost on it haha!

    Em xx

  15. I've also never seen any of the Twilight films though don't think they are old enough to feel unusual about that. Didn't watch Trainspotting for ages because I hated the Born Slippy (Is that what they were called) song that went with it, eventually watched it and loved it. Is Angela Lansbury in Chitty, I've seen it loads of times and can't remember her x.

  16. I've never seen Braveheart (and I'm Scottish...)

  17. Never seen: Star Wars, ET, Alien, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Nightmare on Elm Street


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