Saturday, 2 April 2011

My evening ritual

I've been reading a couple of "Mummy" blogs lately and a couple of them talk about bedtime routines and singing lullabies to their children of a night and the perils of remembering all the words to their childs favourite stories.

My first thought was, Aaahhhhhhhh thats nice.

My second was bloody hell I'm a crap mother.

I thought I would share in a monologue how bedtime goes in the Fashionista household.

"It's bedtime now, no, not five minutes, you said that five minutes ago, who is taking you up, mummy or daddy? No not both of us, Kiss daddy I will take you up and tuck you in. That's it, up the stairs. Yes I will still be here in the morning, No I won't die and be a ghost, Promise? Well yes, I promise. Do you need to go to the toilet? No? Why not try to squeeze one out? Go on. A drink? Yes I will bring one up for you if you go to the toilet now. All tucked in? What do you mean you don't know where your teddy is? BRENNAN have you seen a teddy bear? Oh you have it now, ok, give teddy a cuddle, Why are you crying? You want daddy to take you to bed? well i'm here now, are you comfortable in bed? ok, night night. NOW you want to go to the toilet? Ok come on then. quickly. No you can't go back downstairs and kiss daddy again. why not? just because, no he is not dead and turned into a ghost!!! What have you been watching? Back to bed, quick sip of water, NO don't drop it on your sheets, oh too late. OK, sheets changed, what do you mean you can't find teddy? You just had him. Ok got him, sleep tight darling, Love you..........................................

What do you mean you need the toilet again!!!!!!!

Anyone else find this familiar?

Big Fashionista


  1. HAHAHA ! SO familiar ! Kids will be kids !

  2. Hahaha... Yes!!! VERY familair..with lots of sighing and whispers of 'not again!' after LO gets up for the millionth time!

  3. Hahaha love it!! I love the way you write and post! Awww the blessedness that is motherhood eh? You're amazing Kellie! Love u! xx


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