Thursday, 14 April 2011

Naked Ambitions

Bumps on display?

I blame Demi,

It's true, from the minute she flaunted her bump on the cover of Vanity Fair we were all doomed to spend eternity seeing baby bumps plastered across the covers of magazines in the eternal race to see who can get the most (ahem) exposure. From Britney to Claudia, and um... Lisa Scott-Lee, If you are up the duff and about to drop it seems like you HAVE to recreate the "Demi"

The latest celeb to get her kit off is Mariah Carey, Heavily pregnant with twins she has decided that it was "her ultimate goal to share this incredibly personal moment with her fans"

Can I get an "Eyebrow" from Mrs Hirons and a "Bitch please" from Bangs?

I don't want to see your bumps, boobs, bum or any particular part of your body on the cover of a magazine. I don't want to hear that you feel incredibly beautiful and radiant while carrying two babies in your womb. I felt like a worm who had swallowed a beachball when I was heavily pregnant. I could hardly walk without feeling ill, I personally don't want to share your incredibly personal moment.

If it WAS incredibly personal, surely you would hire a photographer, make them sign confidentiality forms so long that if they broke them they would have to give you their first born grandchild and then hang them on your own wall where you and only you could stare at them whenever you want.

THAT is what I call a highly personal moment.

If you really wanted to share a "highly personal moment" you should have taken photos of the conception. (Although that is a whole other target audience)

I'm looking forward to seeing the follow up pictures, two months after the birth..... Naked on the front cover again? With a highly artistic dribble of baby sick on one shoulder?

I can't see that happening can you?

Big Fashionista x


  1. I read this nodding my head and chuckling from beginning to end.
    I had a conversation with OH last night about how I felt that pregnancy and the birth of a child is a personal experience.
    The only person that will see my baby bump (should there be one) is OH (and a certain amount of medical persons)... and I would prefer it if celebs felt the same but as you say Demi has something to answer for.

  2. I saw those pics on an advert for Ok/Hello/Whatever and my initial reaction was basically "what the fudge". It's a really bizarre thing to do.

  3. I can almost understand why celebs do this - after all, it's part of their culture (!) and they make lots of dosh for doing so.

    However, random non-celebs, who have nowehere near as good a body (or surgeon, makeup artist, or photographer for that matter)should NOT, and I repeat, NOT, be doing these shoots and then posting the pictures on Facebook.

    Seeing these normal folks in the Demi pose make me cringe! Put.It.Away.

  4. Seriously!!!

    People do that??? No Ailsa no, It is your duty to tell them to put it awayyyyyyyyyyyy


  5. Yes Alisa tell them. Tell them now. And they can stop with the pics of the birth too for that matter!


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