Wednesday, 13 April 2011


School days?

The best times of your life?

The worst?

Or a mixture of both?

Every drama is magnified in school isn't it? (I once sulked in my room for a whole weekend because of a spot on my chin. Oh hang, sorry that was last week) and small things that happen to us in our teen years stay with us throughout our school life and possibly beyond. From a stumble where you showed your underwear to admitting that you think a certain teacher is "fit" (I won't make that mistake again)

Everything you do and day will be held against you in a court of your peers


Today I want to talk about nicknames,

We all had them in school, some meaner than others. Some a hell of a lot more intelligent than others.

May I draw your attention to the twin boys in my school who went through their whole academic life being called "twinny" BOTH of them. (You have to think that the person who dreamt that one up sadly never achieved their goal as a rocket scientist)

Mine was Brown Owl.

My surname was Brown, and................... nope, that's all it took (I wonder if just one person thinks all of these up?)

It could have been worse I suppose. and a lot were.

How about you?

What was your nickname in school? Get it out there and cleanse your soul of your school nickname once and for all.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I was called "ghost" or "Casper" (oh what larks!) due to my extremely pale skin... Hence why now I refuse to leave the house without false tan! I guess the nicknames can stick by you for a lifetime :o)

  2. I was called Square - it ryhmed with "Sare" which is my more normal nickname ha-ha. I also got called shroom for ages even though I swear I've never touched them ha-ha. No idea on that one :')


  3. My first nickname was Double Diamond because my first and last name both started with a D (it was a Tetley beer in the 60's & 70's). Then I was called Black Death for oh, 4 years when someone discovered it was a name for the plague. And then toupe for many more years in senior school, that was cos I wasnt as hirsute in places (sorry tmi!) as 2 of the girls in my PE class, they shared that vital nugget of info with the entire year, actually feel a bit sick remembering how that made me feel at the time, so glad to be a grown up and away from all that!
    Thank you, that was cathartic, I think!

  4. My name doesn't rhyme with anything and can't really be shortened so it was usually lengthened for a nickname! Like Adeley and at college 'Adevilish,' because I was a bit naughty lol x

  5. I had a friend who called me Kathryn the Kat. It was his compromise because he hated nicknames! When I was in primary school, there was a boy who thought it would be really funny to call me Musselblack (my surname is Musselwhite!). The imagination of some kids really fails miserably LOL

  6. Haha, I had a few in mine, all affectionate mind. The boys in my posh private school thought it was amazing that I was so focused on wanting to be creative and work in the fashion business. Guess I was so different that it actually made them admire me (I think!). Anyway my nicknames were rubber lips (big lips) and Puffer Fish or Puff for short! I was overweight and had a short no. 1 haircut throughout my teens! Haha I didn't mind but yes you're right, some names are horrid. x

  7. Gosh, this thread takes me back. To my eternal amazement I avoided being bullied in my school years. The best anyone came up with was Turnip, my surname was Turner then. As others have said, some youngsters need lessons in imagination. When I met my OH he was playing rugby for a team in USA, his nickname? Irish Phil. Genius! Maybe some grown-ups could use some help too?

  8. I think i had nicknames coming out of my ears at high school, with my surname being Sparrow i got Spazza quiet alot or Spaz, even my sports teacher called me Spazza (would that even be allowed now?)or spanner. From Amanda i got Panda and there was a drink called Panda Pops so i got called Panda Pops and then Pops for a very long time too, i still have 1 friend who calls me Panda pops 10 years later.... *gringe*

  9. My nickname is Kazza G. don't even know why, I'm in my last year of doing A-levels and this name was created in the summer of 2010. High school never ends!


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