Friday, 29 April 2011

Nom or Vom

Ladies everywhere are sobbing into their hankies (do women ACTUALLY carry hankies anymore)

It's not about the actual wedding they just want to be a princess for a day,

So before he is taken off the market forever

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Would ya? Could ya?

Prince William

(Obviously the naked shots were thin on the ground, although I did see a rather dubious sex tape)

Now I have to add that at this point in the proceedings I actually feel physically ill. I can't actually Nom over this guy at all.

But if you can, Crack on.

Erm, I have NO idea how that got there, honest ;-)

So, Prince William?

Nom or Vom x


  1. I actually prefer Harry because he looks a bit dirty but I wouldn't say no to William. I love Englishmen. That's why I'm marrying my very own in September. :)

  2. Y'know what, I had a little bit of a nom moment for the pic where he's got a beard.

  3. Nom!! Why didn't you include his water polo pic of him in speedos Kellie? Pretty good body. Lol. XX

  4. VOM! I cannot handle the big ass bald spot. I would gladly nom on his little brother though.

  5. Vom! He looks to much like his Dad!

  6. Bless him, he seems like a genuinely nice person so I can't bring myself to vom him. About 10 years ago, when he still had hair, he was a definite nom, but it's all gone a bit wrong.

    Give me Prince Harry any day. Posh, ginger and naughty: practically my ideal man.

  7. Oh my life, I just peed myself laughing when I got to the bottom picture :P

    RE: William, definitely a nom from me. It used to be Harry, but I dunno, William is just more appealing to me these days!


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