Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Paloma Faith & Converse

If like me you appreciate the crazy wild world of Paloma Faith then take a look at this video.

A collaboration between Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon and Bill Ryder-Jones it "takes you on a ride through the world of desire"

I've now watched it four times and I have fallen a little bit more in love with Paloma each time. Her style is unique and her voice is A-mazing.

Also if you go to www.converse.co.uk/desire you can put yourself in the video too.

Goes off to look for a fabulous hat and a pair of red Converse for my video debut with Paloma.

Enjoy, and let me know whether you are a fan of Paloma too.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I LOVE this video! I want to be in it! With an outfit made entirely out of Converse! I miss my converse! When I was a waitress in a celeb restaurant we actually had to wear them as part of our uniform. Obviously I had an obnoxious pair of pink liberty style floral ones! x

  2. I LOVE converse and Paloma is so wacky I can't take my eyes off her.



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