Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Stamp of disapproval

So Royal Mail are putting up the price of a first class stamp to 46p with a second class stamp rising to 36p as of yesterday.

Well I'm sorry Royal Mail but the only way I'm going to swallow this is if you are using the additional funds to make improvements to your uniforms to reflect the new charges.

Like this perhaps?

I think it would be apt, don't you?

Let me get this right, I now have to pay you 46p for the privilege of losing my mail? or having it delivered 4 days later than it is needed?

Younger people laugh at you and steer you to seat if you tell them that once upon a time we used to have two deliveries a day.

Anyone remember getting birthday cards clattering onto the mat at about 8am on the ACTUAL day of your birthday?

Nowadays you are lucky to get your mail in the AM at all. (and even then sometimes it is sliced open or "damaged")

My post is usually delivered at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, IF I am lucky. My afternoon post never used to be that late!!!!

And now they want to charge me MORE for it!

Ridiculous. They have closed all the post offices near me, cut back on staff and added more work to the staff for less money, they are losing money hand over fist and we are being asked to bail them out with an increased charge for a poor service.

It is like the banks only sneakier.

I get my junk mail earlier than my post. and it is usually more interesting.

(Quick question, Why does the Royal Mail never lose my bills?)

I think from now on I'm going to give my post to the people who stuff envelopes through my door all day, chances are they are going that way, they might as well stuff a letter through the door for me while they are at it.

It's either that or plan B,

And I don't know where to buy a carrier pigeon these days.

What do you think about the rise in the cost of a stamp?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I feel the same way about this as I do about train prices - if you're not going to improve the appalling service, you don't really have a right to improve the price.

  2. The rise in the cost of a stamp is bad enough, but I have a PO Box number for my business and the annual fee for that is going up from about £92 a year to £170. Yes- almost double! And the fee for delivering the PO Box mail is presumably going up the same amount. How can an increase of over 80% be justified? If I were to increase my own prices by 80% I'd lose all my customers. But apparently it's OK if you have a monopoly.

  3. I totally agree on this, but unfortunately, our moans are only giving fuel to the governments "let's sell of Royal Mail" argument, and then we'll be up the crapper even more!

    Re: Trains...last Friday I paid £2.30 (single) for a 15 minutes journey on the train, when it would have cost me £2.70 for a DayRider on the buses giving me to unlimited bus travel all day! Scandalous I say!

  4. PS- I really need to read my comments before I click to post! That was terrible haha!!

  5. It depends on where the investment is going. People are probably sending less letters these days thanks to email etc and therefore there is less funding than there used to be.

    HOWEVER. The service we experience is appalling. Four days for a first class letter to travel 40 miles? Also, a parcel I sent to the USA arrived faster than one I sent first class to Leicester, yes the place in the UK.

    It better not be going towards massive bonuses, that's all I can say.

  6. I posted something in June. I 'wisely' purchased insurance. Item well packaged but arrived smashed. Seriously - someone would have had to jump on it several times to have broken it, but they managed. 3 claims (the first two got lost in the post apparently...by Royal Mail. Not doing too well in this tale are they?) and the cheque arrived last week, yup 9 months later - for less than the item cost, and they refused to refund the near £20 postage because 'well, it was delivered so you got the service you paid for'. Cocking bastard swines. But yeah, they've got the monopoly and there's not much we can do about it. Dear Royal Mail - please use the dosh you rake in with the increase in stamp price to do what we actually pay you to do. Simples!

  7. It's like Catch 22, if they keep the prices the same they aren't making enough money to pay their workers because everyone uses couriers and email nowadays, and if they don't have enough money to pay the workers the amount of service is reduced, and then we complain more, the government decides to sell Royal Mail and then we're stuck without post. xx

  8. Love your blog! You never cease to amuse me ! xx :o)

  9. Exactly what I think, love your blog !

  10. oh my, whyyyyy do they do this to us?!! Lol, maybe using carrier pigeons can catch on again? :)Umm I'm sure you'll be over the moon to hear that prescription charges have gone up this month too??! :/ Gaaah!

    Love Aysh xoxo


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