Monday, 18 April 2011

Unsocial Media

Since WHEN did Social Media turn into my mother?

Facebook wants to know what I'm thinking or whether I want to "check-in" (er, no) Twitter asks if I want to Tweet my location (er, no) Even my Blackberry wants to give my location out now. (hell no)

And don't even get me started on 4square or whatever it is.

I don't want people I KNOW to know where I am most of the time, why would I want to share my location with strangers.

If I checked right now I could find at least ten people I know and possibly thirty people I don't know.

How is that "social"

It is possibly the most anti-social thing i've ever heard of.

Especially the people checking into "BED" 

People, I really have no interest in your sleeping habits. I fail to see the attraction in checking into your own bedroom. and I definitely fail to see the attraction of sharing it with the world.

Unless you are checking into someones bed you shouldn't be. I DARE you to share that check in.

What's next? Facebook giving me a curfew and being "disappointed" in me if I don't get home in time? Or worse, remove my poking priviledges!!! (So not fair!! stamps foot)

We put far too much out there about ourselves on the internet without even realising, and now the internet wants to make ourselves available to stalkers and wierdos? (and my mother)


I like my privacy (A lot) If I wanted you to know where I was, I would let you know. (Possibly by tapping you on the shoulder and saying BOO)

What do you think, Is the internet helping us to invite stalkers into our homes or is it a natural progression of "Social Media"

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. LOL, I check in to some shops such as NEXT, Nandos etc as they offer me discount for being mayor (4square). But I can't stand people checking in to their home or bed it shows people the exact location of their home - how stupid can you get? I checked in at London Liverpool St once and got 29 friend requests, I promptly checked out and sat in a café worried that someone might come find me. I don't think enough people are media smart, esp. teenagers. I remember being a teenager and doing lots of things I shouldn't of done on the internet - I wish I had someone checking what I was doing when I was younger.

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  3. haha great post!

    I HATE facebook, its really ridiculous the amount of stuff people put on there for everyone to read. TMI overload!

    have you been on ? so funny and much more entertaining than the real thing! xx

  4. What worries me is that by studying your FB it wouldn't take too much for a would-be burglar to work out the best tikme to break into your place...

  5. I think social media can make even the most interesting people seem boring and vice versa so starting to 'tell' 'friends' when you are in bed or what location you are at will just add to the boringness for me...

  6. I use Foursquare on my phone to check-in, but I have to say I never share it on Twitter or Facebook, because I don't see why anyone cares. I only check-in, because I figure it'll be interesting one day to go through and see all the places I've been, and when. Maybe I'm just weird haha :)

    Personally, I think a fair few people like to share it, because they want to make the world think that they have a better life than they actually do. They're trying to make themselves look and feel more social than they really are.

  7. Completely agree! It is the worst idea ever! This is why I am overly private - or paranoid, take your pick!!

  8. Geo-location stuff really worries me, I don't even put on my statuses when I am going on holiday - why open yourself to potential burglers! The one thing that really bugs me is that you have to constantly re-set settings to protect yourself on facebook, they make enough sodding money so they should be doing as much as possible to protect and inform us!


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