Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Was that it?

So how many people are laying in bed at the moment thinking "So was that it?"

No, not a case of some morning loving gone wrong. (or right, in some cases)

The grey sky? The need for a jacket again?

Hang on.


We've been spoiled I agree. I have white lines (No, I'm not going to show you) a brown face and I definitely feel like I've piled on a couple of pounds lately due to BBQ season. (and wine season opening early this year)

I'm sure the season opens earlier each year. One year it might just stay open forever!!!

Anyone else think that the BBQ season is the best part of the year and yet also the strangest?

Men who won't even lift a finger in the kitchen at any other time of the year suddenly turn into Heston Blumenthal and feel the need to cook meat which they then bring to us and expect rapturous rounds of applause. (anyone else ever had a round of applause for cooking dinner? Nope, me either)

There is the obligitory argument over the pink chicken.

Too much salad is made.

and various sauces which you wouldn't usually buy are purchased so that the host with the most can walk around saying, "Try this, it's disgusting"

Oh yes BBQ season. A time that really defines summer.

and the thought that it is over?


Plus, how else will I be able to laugh at people with sunburn? or admire hot guys who take off their tops? (and sneer at people who should really put tops on)

Yes I know it is April and Summer has yet to arrive properly but when you have had as much fun as I have and then it gets taken away from you it makes you worry that all you have to look forward to is rain and cricket. (and I HATE cricket)

I'm off to roll in Coconut oil try to recapture the summer (plus dig out a jumper or two)

PS If you see smoke I'm just woprking out how to cook stew on the BBQ.

Anyone else had a great summer?

Share your memories......................

and a blanket.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh I am so with you on the men + barbecue aspect.

    In our house, my husband stands and fans flames (looking busy) for an hour, dumps on some meat and then says he's 'done a barbie'.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, 24 hours previously, I got out the meat from the freezer (knowing he'd forget), prepped all the salads, cooked the new potatoes, cooked the onions, prepped the breads/rolls/whatever, got all the drinks ready, laid the table, got all those sauces (yes, we somehow end up with loads too!), and got everything else done. He gets the cheers, I get the washing up, a la our agreement - he who cooks does not clear up...

    S x

  2. Oh I hear you. And they feel the need to paint the meat in marinades.
    I blame that bloody Heston.

  3. SamMakeup ((MAF)26 April 2011 at 09:05

    Oh heck yeah, everything marinated with flavours you'd never normally choose, and then he gets experimental with oil and vinegar and random herbs to create his own salad dressing. Designed to blow your head off usually!

  4. but i have to say Mr F does do a mean BBQ and home made burgers if i remember correctly. (mouth watering all over the keyboard) x

  5. I'm not a fan of BBQ's. I don't see the point in moving half your kitchen to the garden, cooking and eating far too much food, and then having to clean the BBQ and move everything back to your kitchen! I too, don't get the whole 'man BBQ drama' thing. Maybe they feel like cave men again???? :)

  6. Yes he does but oh my god does he want a round of applause for them!!!!

  7. we want to see the white bits we've decided. :) x

  8. Bye bye Summer! *sniff sniff* I was just thinking how flippin cold it was! I've dug my emergency jumper out and am contemplating putting the fire on!!


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