Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wedding Daze

I may well end up in the tower for this but I am SO over the Royal Wedding it just isn't funny.

Press releases pop into my inbox daily. Everything from Nail varnish to condoms are now in some way connected to the Royal Wedding and I'm pretty sure that William and Kate must sit in their apartment of an evening wetting themselves over the amount of tat that people have put their name to.

And it seems as if the Media have turned into bridezillas themselves. The obsession over who is designing the dress, How much weight Kate (Catherine) has lost, Who is going to the wedding, Who has created a song for the wedding.



I don't. I have had my love and excitement for the Royal wedding sucked out of me by media hype and constant bombardment of branded products and TV shows designed to whip me into a frenzy of excitement but have just ended up jading me.

We live in a time when we require instant gratification. The TV on demand generation. We don't expect to wait for anything................ we want it NOW.

and because we can't have it now the media has to find ways to keep us interested. Like a babysitter with a small child it tried singing us songs, feeding us tidbits and now it is running around like a headless chicken throwing things at us like "50 Greatest TV Weddings" Desperate much?

(Although if William would have taken up my suggestion of applying to Four Weddings then I think we would have all been waiting just that little bit more patiently)

But come the actual day, I will be sitting in front of the TV with my Wills & Kate tissues in my Wills & Kate T-shirt, drinking champagne out of a Wills & Kate commemorative mug, (possibly in my Wills & Kate dressing gown)

And then wait for the media hype to start all over again when they announce the first pregnancy.

Because if you agree that THIS has been a long time coming,

THOSE nine months are going to be HELL.

What do you think?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Lmao this made me giggle! I've been saying the same ha-ha I think Kate's gorgeous, think her and Will are cute, happy for them BUT OMFG SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT EVERY TINY DETAIL.

    If I was her I'd be having a mass breakdown ha-ha

    Totally agree with you :P


  2. I'm really excited about the wedding, but I've made a massive effort to NOT get involved with the media hype around the whole wedding. I totally agree that its wayyy to ott, and spoils it alot.


  3. hahah didn' t think as far as the pregnancy, but yea, I bet they'll launch a whole baby range !
    I'll just be grateful for the day off... that I surely won't be spending in front of the telly !

  4. Dear Blogger,

    Do you have legs?? Kate Middleton has legs. Maybe you should buy our new commemorative leg waxing product.

    Love, a PR company.


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