Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Whistle as you work

I have to admit something to you all.

Some of you may not understand what I am about to say, some of you may nod and agree with me even though you are too afraid to come out and agree with me publicly.

And some of you (hopefully) will come right out and say you like it too.

I like being whistled at by builders.

(Although rarely do I ever see a builder like this)

There, I admitted it. (There should be a support group or something) There is something quite fabulous about walking past a building site and getting whistled at.

AND there is nothing quite as crushing as walking past a building site and NOT being whistled at. (I have been known to cross over and walk past again)

It is confidence building. I don't want them yelling out to me or trying to talk to me. (In fact don't even try to make eye contact) but a whistle speaks a thousand words.

and makes me feel a million dollars.

How about you?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Used to get unconfortable and embaressed when younger, but now i think: hell yes, i will enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. As long as it's tasteful, as in no seedy/disgusting remarks, there is nothing wrong with it. Here in Spain, if you walk past a group of men from the age of 18-80 you will get some sort of compliment thrown at you, and if you are blonde or look foreign the reactions just don't stop coming. It's ok, as long as it's not offensive. I does make you feel good when said compliments are lovely such as a guy shouting out "beautiful" to you. It's inevitable, it's part of nature and our society, so why not embrace it? ;)

  3. Blimey, if it ever happens I'll let you know how I feel! x

  4. I still feel uncomfortable with it! Nothing is more irritating than cars slowing down to whistle when I'm exercising or just walking along, shouldn't they be watching the road?? Also when we went to Venice a couple of years ago men were permanently calling things out to me and it just made me want to hide, really. Don't get me wrong, I love compliments, but at the same time I hate being objectified and judged by my looks. Let's just say I prefer people commenting on my blog saying my hair or make-up looks pretty, when I've made an effort and am putting myself out there, than random guys whistling at me in the street!

  5. I agree with Vildes and Fashion Limbo. There is a point when it crosses the line. When I lived in NY many years ago I'd often go to my university lectures by way of Ben & Jerry's. Sadly I had to walk by the basketball courts. The guys were very buff but the comments were disgusting. "Hey, baby I got something for you to lick!". I moved to London soon after and a wolf whistle was very welcome. In fact a relief.

  6. I absolutely love it! I work for an electrical contractors and when i walk through the building sites its such an ego boost, although i do draw the line at someone telling me "You've got an arse I'd love to hang out the back of!" Bit much!!!xxx

  7. I twice gasped and was shocked with what Wilma Mae and Sarah experienced...see? that is crossing the line, by a huuuuuuuge gap, wrong wrong wrong!!!!

  8. Like you, I would feel slighted if I wasn't complimented!

    However, I tend to get more of the young lads hanging out the window of their mate's souped up Saxo yelling "Oi, Big Tits" over a soundtrack of thumping drum & bass.

    THAT I object to.

    Everyone knows drum & bass is crap.

  9. I got whistled at last week by a couple of young lads getting into a white van outside the shop. Which is fine.
    What cracked me up is, I'm 8 months pregnant and pretty obviously so. It was the best laugh I've had in weeks!

  10. I hated it when it happened back in the early 1900s and now as an old woman I would still hate it, I quite like being invisible and released from the angst that comes with passing a group of men, however the angst that comes with walking past a group of women, now that never goes. Jan x

  11. I honestly can not remember the last time I was whistled, or even honked at *thinks long and hard* I remember we used to get honked at when I was at Uni, but I think they were really honking at my more attractive friends, because I never got it when I was on my own haha! Saying that, I'm kinda glad I don't get it. I like to be left alone, in my random moments of thoughtfulness!!

  12. Do I mind? Hmmm? Not something I've ever given a whole lot of thought to, but did think I'd share this - apparently it's 'my' fault. A wolf whistle, led to a conversation, led to a pseudo-relationship (this happened over the course of a few weeks by the way as he worked a place I passed every day.) So some guy out there is telling his mates 'it worked once'. It's not an urban myth. Sorry girls. In my defence, you know how some men are sexy but not good looking or vice versa? This one was both in abundance. Shallow yes but is I admit what allowed the whistle to lead to anything else. Problem was (well just one of several), I ended up falling for him big time and didn't judge him for the way we met (him with his mates egging on every comment and probably the first few text messages that were exchanged). It took a LONG time of on and off nonsense for me to realise as a girl he met the way he did, I'd maybe never be someone he thought he could 'take home to meet his mother'. Which was gutting given everything else being so good and how much I fell for him...and the fact he made me work that out for myself.
    On the actual topic though - I don't mind it if it's harmless, and probably am a bit flattered (although I'm riddled with insecurity - perhaps partly due to dating someone I deemed too good looking for me who was a weirdo to boot - so not the best judge), but insistent pervy comments I could so live without. Is there anything that's gonna stop packs of men doing that though? Doubtful. Although given the high bar set, I do always find it disappointing if I turn round and see a man that looks like most builders do, rather than some Adonis. Them's the breaks.

  13. A gay guy said "oh my god, I've died and gone to heaven" to me once. Made my night, even if he was incredibly drunk.

  14. Hey i love your blog! your very talented with such a refreshing outlook on things!
    Anyways onto the topic. Your post made me laugh! its so true. As much as i ignore it or give them evils i would be very offended if i could walk past a group of builders and not get a responce at all. Obviously theres limits and i genuinly don't like lewd comments.


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