Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Giggs up!!!! An open letter.

Imagine my shock and surprise when this afternoon a letter was delivered by hand by a man with dark glasses, a welsh accent and a sheepish look on his face. (No pun intended)

Let me share it with you.

Dear Big Fashionista,

You have a reputation for "telling it how it is" and I need your help.
I have recently been in the news for accidently falling over and landing in an ex-Big Brother contestants Va-jay-jay.

I have a carefully cultivated "family man" image and I really didn't want anything to ruin that, so after careful £1000-an-hour consideration I decided to obtain a so called Super-injunction so that everyone would know that the woman I slept with was a whore and I could carry on deceiving, I mean loving my wife. 

But this has now backfired on me. 

What can I do to make things right?

Yours Sincerely 

Ryan Giggs.

So here is my carefully thought out reply.

Dear Ryan, I can call you Ryan can't I? Mr Giggs seems so formal. And considering what I am probably going to be reading about you in The Sun over the next couple of days, formality will be the LEAST of your problems dude.

Firstly thanks for clearing some things up. I have to admit when I heard that Imogen Thomas was doing giggs all over Manchester my first thought was, I didn't even know she could sing!!!

(Sorry, I'll get my coat)

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, What a mess you've made. (probably not the first time you've heard that I Imogen, I mean imagine.)

Your first mistake was to be such a horny little devil in the first place.

I'm sure that in your wedding vows it didn't say, To love, honour and stray did it?

Yeah I'm judging you. If you can't keep your dick in your pants then don't be married, Simple. You chose to marry one woman and do the old "mate for life" thingy.

Your wife thought she was getting her swan and ended up with a swine.

But if you DO the crime, whether you are a famous footballer, an actor, a pop star or Joe Bloggs down the street and you get caught................

Have the decency to admit it. You basically hung a young girl out to dry and hid behind your big pile of money.

Tut tut tut, thats not clever.

Look at Hugh Grant, he got sucked into a huge scandal (Pun DEFINITELY intended) put his hands up and admitted it, Same with George Michael and plenty of other high profile celebs who stuck it where they shouldn't and got caught.

You can bleat that it has nothing to do with anyone else where you stick your dick and quite possibly you are right, but who were you trying to protect from the sordid details anyway?

Us the public? (I don't think so)

Your wife (should've thought of her BEFORE you knobbed someone else)

OR yourself!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and there it is.

Because let's face it, you went through this whole stupid charade to protect yourself and what you had. You can't have your welsh cake AND eat it.

And now everyone knows.

Not JUST that you are a cheater, but that you are a COWARD who couldn't stand up and admit that he did wrong.

And THAT is what you will be judged for.

Because let's face it, no-one gives a shit really that you have cheated on your family. By now that would have been over and done with for everyone but you and yours. That was your fallout.

What you will forever be judged for is trying to silence free speech. To gag the media, social networking and everyone who sails in her.

And Ryan, I bet you a hell of a lot of cash that your wife will be a hell of a lot more forgiving than everyone else out there.

And I don't think flowers and chocolates are going to cut it with Social Media!!!!!

And I wouldn't rate your chances of getting a verified Twitter account any time soon either

Hugs and Kisses

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Hmm. I'm really not sure that Imogen Thomas is a 'young girl hung out to dry' in all of this, if even half of what is being said is true.

    He shouldn't have dipped his wick where it didn't belong, but, in the words of the immortal Smarty P Jones (look her up, she's on Twitter) 'It's hard to come home dry when it's raining whores'.

    I feel sorry for his wife and kids.

  2. I LOVE Smarty. Gal talks a lot of sense.

    She is no innocent, but I don't see why she should be branded with a scarlet letter while he tried to get off Scott free.

  3. Brilliant post!!

    What bugs me, about all of this super injunction crap, is the people going around saying that he deserves his privacy otherwise his kids will be bullied for it. Okay, so what about the kids from normal families, who's mummy or daddy "plays away" (teehee!), who protects them from the bullying?? Of course, it's awful that any child should have to go through that, but Giggs really should have thought about how many people he'd be hurting, before he "tripped". Just because you have money doesn't mean that you don't have to face the crap pile that you've made for yourself!!

    Okay, I think that I'm done ranting now :D

  4. Whilst she knew what she was doing, and why, when she got into bed with him he was the one who cheated and let his little head do the thinking and to hell with the consequences for his wife and kids. Then he tried to use his wealth to make sure that his reputation was not damaged when the brown stuff hit the fan. Not to protect his wife or his kids or because he was concerned that people would look at him and see a lying, cheating bstard but because his sponsors might withdraw their lucrative sponsorship if they knew that everyone that looks at him sees a lying, cheating, bstard. So fundamentally the super injunction was to protect his value as a brand. Mind you anyone whose target market is cowardly scum-buckets might just have found their pin-up boy!

  5. I don't care if there are 'whores' (in the true sense of the word) rubbing themselves all over you. Any man with any respect for his other half would still 'come home dry'.

    I don't give a monkeys about either of them but I don't see why he should be able to pay to keep his dirty little secret when normal cheaters have to deal with neighbourhood gossip. The media is just his neighbourhood in a way.

    As Kellie says - 'you can't have your Welsh cake AND eat it' Ryan!

  6. Marvellous post. I agree with every word. I mean, how much of a low life do you have to be to cheat on your wife, and THEN try and silence 75 thousand people? Ha. It is laughable really.

  7. YAY I knew you would blog about this and I was DYING to see what you had to say :D:)

    First of all he is scum ... he only remembered his family after so many months .. what a class A asshole

    secondly I agree that Imogen Thomas is no "victim" in it but to leave her take the rap for it all ... takes two to tango

    I loved the Lib Dem MP revealing it and alot of what he said was true how can you silence and imprison 75,ooo people

    I wonder if Ryan will be getting a refund on the super injunction ... it just shows how worthless he thinks his family and his wife is to take an gagging injuction to protect the fact he is a whoring welsh wanker

    If I was his wife I would make like a farmer and milk him dry for every penny he has

    ok my rant is over ... as is my lunch break hehe YIKES!
    X X

  8. Someone needs to give you a newspaper column. Seriously.

    I don't think Imogen Thomas is the Little Miss Innocent she's acting in all her court appearances now - she knew full well he was married and thus I have no respect for her whatsoever. However, I do strongly disagree with the way the injunctions basically mean she's the one getting all the horrible press attention just because she doesn't have 90squillion quid to spend on lawyer's fees.


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