Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hair raising press releases.

I never quite understood the attraction of Cheryl Cole. Racism, assault, putting up with a cheating spouse. If she wrote it all down in a letter it would be the straw that broke Dear Deidre forever, leading her into a life of drink, drugs and a nicely padded cell.

So why on earth do I find my in-box choked up with press releases about "Big Hair" after Cheryl was papped on her first day at X Factor USA looking like she had stuck her finger in an electrical socket (I wish)

There are apparently powders, sprays and even shampoos out there to help create a look that I wake up with for free!!!!

Why do I WANT to copy a look that quite frankly looks like a fashion mishap anyway?

What's next?

How to create the "Skirt tucked into the knickers look" in just five easy steps.

Wonky eyeliner, the latest must have look.

Grey roots, How to recreate the Hollywood "aged" look. (I swear I ROCK this look)

Must we seize on anything a celeb does, even if it is wrong and hail it as the next big thing?

I'd rather follow a rabid rottweiler wearing Gagas meat dress than have huge hair because a celebrity got a bit windswept.

I'd rather say no thanks it isn't for me than follow the crowd blindly.

Big up Big Hair?

No thanks, I'll take my chances with my normal hair, and leave the Big hair to those that need the attention.

How about you?

Big Fashionista


  1. Hear hear. Who on earth would want their hair to look like that?

    And don't even get me started on the chav being "inspirational". urgh.

  2. I saw the pics and thought 'dear, dear girl, what have you done?' and why? why did she look in the mirror and decide it was ok to leave the house?!.
    She is a gorgeous girl with out all the preening. I think she has enough to cope with without maintaining that barnet....

  3. Haha!!! I literally thought this this morning after brusing my unruly hair after having it tied up while looked like a lions mane! Sorry but I am keeping my hair small enough so that I can actually fit through a door without fear of leaving half my hair on the frame!

  4. It's a terrible look ... and Essex has long been full of big haired WAG wanabees! I'm starting to find Ms. Cole rather grating.

  5. I love big hair don't get me wrong, nothing pleases me more than some volume. Key word there being "some"
    It comes to something when your hair is bigger than your waist.
    Elle however worked the big hair trend perfectly.


  6. I love big hair but only because mine if lank and lifeless and makes my face look ten times rounder! So happy that I've finalyl found someone that feels the same way though, fed-up of hearing about cheryl cole! she is no role model, she's a chav that got lucky! No class , she has a stylist to make her look like that, she's not naturally skinny thats a load of b**** and she cant sing or write her own music! She is the most manufactured artist out there! ( and breathe) sorry to rant xx :o)

  7. I agree with every word.
    And don't get me started on that Elnett advert...

  8. There is a rather terrible photo of SJP with HUGE 'big hair' floating around on the web. I'm usually a fan, but she looks awful!

  9. well, completely and totally took the words out of my mouth, from start to end!

  10. I agree with every one of you! Cheryl Cole gets on my last nerve, her hair was awful. My mum cant stand her either and as for the Elnette ad its enough to make me switch channels!

  11. Amen to that Kellie! I've never understood this fascination with Cheryl Cole! Umm can she sing??, not in my opinion anyways :/ And lol, agree with all the girls about that Elnette advert...makes me wish I had a can of spray at hand to chuck at the TV set ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  12. I personally don't see the attraction to Cheryl Cole and particulary with her hair in it's current state.


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