Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's official.

I've got post-nuptual depression.

I devoured the Royal Wedding like a fat girl with cake (Yeah I ate cake, and it was GOOD)

I waited around restlessly to catch my first glimpse of "THE" dress. I paced up and down my living room as I waited for Kate to walk down the aisle and I ooohed and ahhhed in all the right places during the actual ceremony. (Ok, I admit, A couple of tears rolled down my face)

and then it happened.

They kissed on the balcony.................................

and men everywhere across the world heard the words that from that minute onwards they would learn to hate.

"I want to be a Princess"

(It actually works better if you stamp your foot as well)

It was every girls dream. All women of a certain age grew up wanting to be a princess.

Teenage girls of today have missed out on that, they all want to be WAGS or just famous. I wanted to be swept away by a prince, wear the dress, the tiara and go to the ball.

Goddamit Kate has "my" life.

Apart from the Duchess of Cambridge bit, sorry but does anyone else think that sounds like a pub? If I was Kate I'd have taken my womb hostage and not given it up until the "princess" ransom was paid.
Or locked myself in the bog with vodka, pills and Prince Harry until my full demands had been met.

During the wedding I am afraid to admit a deep sleeping monster was awoken.

(No, not the mother-in-law)


If I can't BE a Princess, I damn well want to be treated like one.

(imagines you all sitting there nodding and agreeing)

We should ALL be treated like Princesses.

As women that is OUR birthright!!!!!!

 Who's with me?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I wonder how many people will actually call them the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall?? We've only ever known him as Prince William, and it has a nice ring to it, plus Princess Catherine is much more romantic, I definitely agree. Although, I also wonder how many people will call her Catherine! As a Kathryn myself, I just don't like hearing the name, so will probably always call her Kate LOL (although, surely it should be Cate??)

    But, as someone who is dead-set against the notion of marriage, the Royal Wedding certainly reopened that very locked door that Disney kindly taught us about romance when we were kids *deep sigh*

    I want to be a Princess!! *stamps foot for effect*

  2. I totally have post-wedding depression! It feels like that sadness after Christmas and I wasn't even bothered about the wedding before hand. It's woken feelings in me that I never knew I had re: getting married! I actually blogged about it on the things I'm loving post with a picture of the dress I've suddnely picked out! xxx

  3. hahahaha, completely agree and felt exactly the same...not only about being a princess, but about wanting a wedding and a wedding dress...now how does one break that to the other half who has been refused and laughed at the times he has more or less proposed? -I say more or less because there was no ring, and he knows no ring no proposal, and because he kind of timidly suggests it but knows I hate weddings and marriage as I'm damaged goods ;) - seriously, after the wedding I read an article on Monsoon, the brand, then went over to their site and clicked on Bridal Wear...what is wrong with me???!!!!!

  4. As an old hand at this marriage lark it will take more than a swift kiss on the balcony to make me get all swoony about the joys of marriage. The wedding bit of marriage is fab though and almost makes up the life sentence it comes with! Even my 19yr old daughter came over all bridezilla when we watched it and I have planned my mother of the bride outfit too!


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