Wednesday, 11 May 2011

MAD in Chelsea

Everyone knows my opinion on The Only Way Is Essex. I never quite understood the purpose of celebrating idiots let alone making them stars in their own lifetime.

And then Made In Chelsea came along.

A programme SO superficial that it makes a puddle look deep. A programme where people bleat about  "having whatever you want makes choosing that much more tricky" (I  TOTALLY get this dahling, such a trial) and we get to feel honoured that we are catching a glimpse of how the other half live. (Lucky, lucky us)

As I watched Made In Chelsea I was literally forcing myself NOT to put my non-Choo clad foot through the television screen. At least with TOWIE there is the likeability factor. You may not want to hang out with them but we can relate to them in some way or the other.  I find it hard to relate to people with too much money who are bored, jaded and looking for the latest thrill in life. (Erm, honest)

People who take themselves too seriously bore me anyway. I think I have remembered THREE names from Made In Chelsea.

Ollie, whom I can imagine only looks deep into your eyes so that he can gaze at his own reflection. (and check out his hair)

Caggie, who is throwing herself unashamedly at Spencer, who has a girlfriend and is still making "come here woman" noises at her.

And there in lies the hook. The part which will catch everyone who watched (and managed not to kill their TV by the end of part one)


 I feel as though I have been played. As though the producers watched what they had filmed and thought...................... "Bollocks, this is crap. There's more substance to Kate Moss than this superficial pile of steaming dog turds, how do we roll this in glitter? I know. A love story. A tale of two people. A male, a female, Will they? Won't they? That will get them hooked... start rolling"

and you know what!!!!!!!!

As much as I hate it, it probably will.

I curse the romantic streak that runs through me!!!!!!

What did you think of the programme?

Anything other than the romance angle keeping you interested?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x


  1. Managed to escape this one so far but as Em has made me sit through more TowiE than any normal person should I imagine it wont be long before I get to endure this too. Gah, dreading it already!

  2. TV programing is currently so bad, I haven't switched my set on for two days.

  3. Tried watching for 5 minutes and my laptop turned itself off so I didn't bother! I think if I hadn't already tried to watch TOWIE I may have given this another chance but it seems such a blatant rip-off, it's not original/interesting at all! x

  4. Thankfully managed to escpae both of these monstrosities! Cannot stand either of them, they just anger me! Love reading your review on them hilarious xx

  5. I watched the advert which put me off, but a few people i know had watched it so thought ok i shall give it a go. I got to the first break and i had to switch it off! its a rip off of TOWIE which as you pointed out was crap but after seeing this i would much rather watch TOWIE. Hopefully they take it off screen soon.......

  6. Never seen it and I doubt I will either. Will avoid like the plague with regards to all such shows. I still stand by my belief that stupidity in whatever accent should never be celebrated. Just my humble opinion of course! X


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