Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A matter of convenience

While I was silently sobbing into my phone yesterday as it stubbornly refused to get even a single bar (I honestly felt as if my arm had been cut off) I flicked through a newspaper and found a review of a new type of burger that you cook in a toaster.


Burgers that you cook in a toaster?

Sigh, It isn't exactly gourmet cooking to MAKE burgers, you know, from mince?

If you are not that way inclined then fine, buy then and grill them if you must.

Are we now that short of time we have to have burgers that you cook in the toaster?

The thought actually makes my stomach roll (no not with hunger.............. oh, ok just a little bit)

I am disgusted that our need for convenience has brought us to this!!!!
We want everything instantly, we have forgotten that all good things come to those who wait.

Anticipation, be it for food, sex, or company is all part of the whole experience is it not?

When it is handed to us instantly, where is the satisfaction in that?

Who dreams up these ideas? Was there a brainstorming (I add the word brain loosely) session and someone said, "you know what, I HATE waiting 20 minutes for burgers to cook, is there not a way we can cook them in two minutes?"

Which is then when everyone else should have given him a shrivelling stare so hard that his gonads retreated into his body and were never seen again until he opened his mouth!

THAT's how strongly I feel about toaster burgers!!!!!

I'm totally against this form of convenience food. I think it should be a criminal offence to sell this crap let alone buy it.

But hey, that's MY opinion.

What's yours?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'm with you on this one. I dread to think what ingredients are in these burgers. Yikes!

  2. ABSOLUTELY with you, girl!
    Do you remember the ready boiled and peeled (then duly packaged) egg that came out a couple of years ago (aimed at those without the time or skill required to boil their own egg)?

    Madness, I tell you, sheer madness!

  3. Oh that sounds truly disgusting!! I remember coming to uni a couple of years ago and learning of the existence of the 'Rustlers' burgers that go in the microwave....EW!!! Needless to say I never purchased one, no matter how hungry I was!x

  4. Can you imagine the state of the toaster and the smell of gone off burger grease that will come from it when, inevitably, the packaging designed to prevent the run-off leaking into the toaster splits as you remove the burger. I am actually feeling quite sick just thinking about this. x

  5. I'm pretty sure microwave burgers only take 2 mins.

  6. My boyfriend is obsessed with rustlers burgers and eats them whenever he can sneak them over the threshold! Mind you, even they seem attractive compared to his last purchase - a mircrowaveable doner kebab. Yes you read that right, a DONER KEBAB that you cook in a MICROWAVE.

  7. Mmmmm toaster burger!

  8. OMG my boyfriend buys those eggs *shameface* Not the burgers though. Thank God.
    I make the best homemade burgers with onions, garlic and rosemary in them. Beats any ready made ones I've ever had (including Waitrose). So there!

  9. My OH used to buy those microwaveable frozen Doner Kebabs until I told him I'd seen a YouTube video about the kind of crap that went into them (I didn't, but it worked).

    I was in the Supermarket yesterday and I saw a bag of pre-diced onions. How fking lazy do you have to be? Seriously??!!!

    I remember when the recession first hit, there were all these articles about how people should "learn to economize" and "return to the old-fashioned days of home-cooking" - Eh, some of us have been doing that all along, thanks!!

    Love your blog so much x


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