Monday, 2 May 2011

Missing Mojo

Missing-Reward offered

One blogging mojo.

Now from what I have been hearing around lately, It seems that a lot of peoples mojos have all gone on holiday together, (Possibly a Butlins Soul weekender?)

But I'll be honest, I'm missing mine desperately, I've got used to her being around!!!

As I wrote before I feel as if BF is a seperate entity from me, giving me the courage to write things that perhaps Kellie wouldn't.

and now she is gone I miss the crazy bitch.

A half term and two Bank Holidays on the bounce may be good for some but I feel as if I am holding onto my sanity by it's back legs.

So BF enjoy your little break. Part of me likes to hope that she is on a cruise somewhere drinking cocktails and eyeing up hot waiters (one of us might as well have some fun)

I expect you back later on today as normal service resumes tomorrow, with you or without you x x x

PS Bring me back a waiter, erm I mean cocktail obviously

Anyone elses mojo gone on a cruise lately

Big Fashionista x


  1. Mines gone awol as well. I blame the messed up routines with so many bank /school holidays...

    If you see mine, tell it to get the hell back home would you? Ta xxx

  2. Mine went missing for a while too, too much work and not enough play made drafting anything remotely interesting a struggle. Just had a week off and it seems to have done the trick! xx

  3. We've just bought our first house which means a severe lack of cash and free time (painting, flat pack furniture, ordering furniture, getting plumbers/conservatory fixers) plus some other stuff that's going on at the moment means I'm struggling to get stuff blogged though I am trying!


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