Thursday, 19 May 2011

No means No,

You may have to excuse the anger that will ooze from this post like poison from an open festering wound.

But I am ANGRY.

I'm angry because in ONE day, Kenneth Clarke has set back women more than a hundred years. In his bumbling, idiotic way he has ruined all the hard work that people have done to show that rape is rape. No is no and there is NEVER a justification for having sex with a woman against her will. EVER.

Yesterday Kenneth Clarke used the words "A Classic rape, a proper rape"

Excuse me while I go and classically punch him in the face, you know a proper punch in the face.

A proper rape? What the hell?

Rape is Rape. there is no less serious rape than another. Having sex with a women against her will is wrong, and whether you did it with a knife, your fists or even with alcohol you SHOULD be punished equally. NO exceptions.

Kenneth Clarke is a twat, an idiot and is hopefully going to be out of a job very shortly for his evil comments glossing over the pain of any woman who has been raped but not in a "classic" way. His comments will have been heard by a lot of women who already felt worthless and destroyed, his trivialising of what they went through is a pain no-one should feel.

But I also don't want to lose sight of what else was going on yesterday. The whole point of him going on TV and the radio was to clarify his position about changing the tariff for serious crimes whereas if the defendant pleads guilty they will have their sentence "discounted" for showing their "obvious contrition"


So if you say sorry, that's ok then?

If you rape someone, destroy their whole life, leaving them a shell of their former selves, unable to leave their home, trust another soul, or even answer the doorbell because they are scared their attacker will return, leaving them to forever feel fear in their throat which no matter how far they run, how often they cry and how long ago it was, never leaves them, but then say "SORRY" you should be rewarded for your honesty and get a discount on your sentence??

Kenneth Clarke says this is to save the women who are traumatised from going through the pain and suffering of a court battle.

Kenneth Clarke is talking bullshit, pure and simple.

Has anyone ASKED any of these women what they want? Whether they even want to hear their attacker say sorry? Or do they want him punished to the utmost extent? Already these women have had their right to say no taken off of them. For Kenneth Clarke to then take away their control even further defies belief.

This is about budgets, pure and simple, overcrowding in jails, the cost of housing prisoners, they are trying to justify letting people out early and save a few pennies.

Kenneth Clarke may be the stupidest man to ever walk the planet, or he could be the cleverest, with his remarks about a "classic rape" he has managed to sweep under the carpet the main point about cuttiing jail time for people who apologise.

I want everyone to be aware that no matter how long a man serves in prison for rape it is never as long as the woman who was raped serves.

No apology can take away that pain or spare a woman from that trauma.


and if Kenneth Clarke honestly thinks otherwise then he is a bigger fool than I thought.

What do you think about the whole situation.

Not just about his comments yesterday but what he is trying to do in regards to cutting jail time?

Let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. what he said was unbelievably prattish- i cant believe the radio presenter didn't push him at the time to clarify fully this new and totally unique scale of 'rapes.' he should lose his job whatever his explanation, i dont care what it is.

    as to the discounts, it is stomach churning to the public as it is that no sentence (in any crime) is served- but the over crowding, cost and allignment to rehabilitation are rational arguments. but discount should NOT be mandatory- is this, in some remote way, the point he was trying to make?!

  2. Ken Clarke is a dick.

    All rape is serious.

    Sentences need to be INCREASED not DECREASED.

    Society as whole needs to stop blaming the victims and persecute the offenders.

    I am so angry I can hardly write a coherent paragraph about how I feel. How is this dude the Justice Secretary?

  3. Kenneth Clarke may be one of the most useless idiots on this planet.
    Not only sentences need to be increased, but the way a rape is investigated, the way victims are treated and questioned, it all needs to change. Money needs to go into this, research, time, every single effort needs to be aimed at the victims. For the past years we have been slowly edging towards blaming the victim, questioning the victim's behaviour...what about the rapist?

    What Mr Clarke said is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. I wrote about the issue on my site, not on Clarke's remark, but on the need for things to change. Victims need to be not blamed, and the perpetrators need to be properly punished.

  4. Coming as it does, from a party whose leader calls his fellow FEMALE MP's 'DEAR', we should hardly be surprised.
    This, let us not forget is the same government that has cut funding - in sone areas up to 100% of funding - for domestic violence shelters.
    If their message is: 'As women, we see you as pieces of SHIT', I for one, have received that message LOUD AND CLEAR and will be voting accordingly at any opportunity to get their misogynist, prehistoric ugly ugly Tory arses OUT of Government.

  5. Is it not obvious to him that if the sentence is discounted following a guilty-plea, then EVERYONE except the proudest (or the innocent) will plead guilty, whether they have "obvious contrition" or not - they get off a year earlier than they otherwise would. I mean seriously. And he is a bigoted wanker (excuse the language) for degrading the awful circumstances these poor women (and men!) have had to bear not only at the time of the rape but for very probably the rest of their lives. What a first class prick. Maybe he should suffer the same circumstances and see if he has the cheek to claim it's not a 'classic' 'proper' rape. Wanker.

  6. I must admit... I've not quite gotten my head around exactly what was said, but it sounds like he's been a total tool.

    I shall be donning some ripped fishnets for the Slut Walk for sure. The amount of times I get lurid comments and gropes in the street just because I've got an ample bosom, it's ridiculous - so I have cleavage and therefore it's okay? Get over it.

    Assault is assault. This guy's a dick.


  7. I'm still in shock that this is even up for discussion. Did I wake up in 1962 by accident? I have no words. None. It's just too heinous.


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