Saturday, 14 May 2011

Paul Smith - Optimism

In conjunction with the release of the new fragrance Optimistic by Paul Smith there is a huge buzz being created by Social Media outlets everywhere regarding the word "Optimism"

When I was asked to get involved and write a post on the the word "Optimism" I was ready to sink my teeth into it like a starving vamp at sundown.

I AM an optimistic person.

I think the best of people.

The glass is ALWAYS half full (Especially a wine glass)

and there have been times when I have held on believing that good things will happen when all around me people have crumbled.

Is that a bad thing?

Does that leave me open to being hurt when things don't go my way?

Maybe it does.

But I would much rather be the sort of person who expected the best and was sometimes let down, than a person who expected the worst and was sometimes proved right.

How sad and lonely must it be to not be optimistic. Without our hopes and dreams what do we have to aspire to? What would be the point of even getting out of bed in the morning when all you faced was misery and despair. Why would you even attempt anything if you were sure it was destined to fail?

One of my favourite sayings is

Everyone dies, not everyone lives.

It reminds me that we have but one life and we deserve to LIVE it. To dream, laugh, love and reach for the stars, believe in ourselves and the people around us.

Being optimistic helps us to achieve this. and I wouldn't want to be any other way. Negativity has no place in my life at all.

If you want to get involved with the Paul Smith Optimistic campaign, then you need to hit LIKE over at their facebook page HERE --------------- > Paul Smith Optimistic

There are competitions going on with some serious prizes to be won, including Tickets to The Big Chill and £500 to spend at Paul Smith.

I've already hit LIKE and will be entering.

Because I'm optimistic.

How about you?

Big Fashionista x x

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  1. I'm with you, sunshine.

    At the grand old age of 46 I still insist of believing the best of people (at least until they stab me in the back). I believe that even someone who usually acts in a negative way to everyone and everything, if approached in an open positive way, can be shocked into acting nice.

    This attitude has served me pretty well, so far (though I have a more than a few battle scars picked up along the way).

    Many think me naive, some even a fool, but I'm not. I know that most people have a mean side, but I also know that they also have a good, kind, altruistic, even idealistic side too.

    Sure, I've crashed and burned many a time. Spectacularly at times. But, hey, if nothing else, it provides good material for stories to tell my grandchildren when I'm old and grey - well, when I'm old and have stopped fighting the battles of the roots (see how optimistic I am?).

    It's worth it. Scientific studies show that optimistic people generally live longer, get sick less often and revel in the simple pleasures that come with the hum-drum of everyday life.

    And contrary to what the Botox-pushers try to tell us, laughter lines are sexy as hell (a frozen, slightly startled-looking face mask ain't).

    So, if you REALLY want to live long and prosper, stop fixating on all the bad news around it (and yes, there's plenty) and start looking for reasons to be cheerful.

    If you need a head start, you could check out this


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