Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sureslim diet update

It feels ke I am returning to AA. (No not the car repair people!!!)

My name is Kellie and it has been a long time since my last confession.

I am a BAD dieter!!!!!

Over the last couple of weeks I found it hard to stick to the diet. Greggs sent me a "Missing you" card. There were half term holidays, bank holidays, in fact the only person who thought that putting the word "holiday" into it contravened the Trade Description Act was muggins here.

I've been busier that The London School Of Needlepoint with a dress to make.

But last wednesday I weighed myself and decided that enough was enough.

I worked so hard to lose the weight and I could tell that slowly my weight was creeping up again.

So I knuckled down, ate correctly and drank enough water to hydrate a third world country and...................................

This week I lost 7lb

You heard correctly.


I've inspired myself. I think i've needed a good week like this for a LONG time. I am definitely back on track to get back down to my fighting weight.

and am hoping to be at my target weight in about a month or so.

I think part of the change of heart has been learning to accept me for who I am.

I am who I am.

But I want to be the best version of me that I can be.

Tune in next week and hopefully I can post another good week.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. wow congratulations, your hard work is paying off! Thanks for being so honest with all your posts on this for so long, i too am currently trying to get back on the diet wagon after a month of being very much off it. Thanks for the posts and keep up the hard work, you're an inspiration! x

  2. Literally sat here with my mouth open (and not stuffing food into it, result) I am so so impressed! 7lb is a serious amount of will power, hard work and not caving in. Bloody brilliant I am so pleased for you. And I am going to nick your "the best version of me that I can be" its absolute genius. hugs xx

  3. Wow, 7lbs in a week is impressive! Hats off to you, Kellie

  4. Thanks ladies x x
    Couldn't do it without your support

  5. 7lbs in a week is fantastic! Well done! :)


  6. omg omg omg 7 pounds, this is not a good week, this is an excellent week. lovely to read and so encouraging. You've done so well xx

  7. Wow! Congrats hun, that's amazing. I'm currently on a break from SW at the minute, going back on 19th May, so far have maintained the weight I was a couple of weeks ago. Have no idea how, chocolate galore! x

  8. Hi, I am new here. I discovered your blog few weeks ago and have been reading it since ;)
    I love every word of it, love all the Noms guys nom,nom.
    Well, how to say this...I understand each word you say about dieting...I try to do the Sureslim diet and I dont now why I keep going back to the old habits. truth must be said ...I keep sabotaging myself everytime ahhhhhhh...yeah thats the feeling. Anyway I have a proposal for you, you may not need but I am offering anyway, would you like to have a SureSlim diet buddy, I would love to ;)

    Kind Regards


  9. Hi Ellie, drop me an email hun x x x


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