Monday, 16 May 2011

Taking a bite

Today I want to talk about vampires.

No, not the type that sucks your blood. Sorry guys but Twilight doesn't float my boat at all.

Instead I want to talk about the more serious (and common) type of vampire out there.

Emotional vampires.

We all know at least one.

They are the people that can drain you of all life in just one sigh. replacing the happiness that you felt just a few moments before with pure misery and dispair.

These type of vampires exist, they are not a myth like the perfect pair of size 16 white trousers! People, they are REAL.

And if you don't know one.

Then maybe you should take a good hard look in the mirror (to check for a reflection) because it is possible that the emotional vampire in your circle is YOU.

Emotional vampires feed off of misery, they can remove the joy from the air like an extractor fan, bringing you down to their level. You talk about your hopes and what you are looking forward to, they talk about recession and the fact there is no hope. You talk about lipstick, they talk about how make up is a mask to hide behind.

You can't win with an emotional vampire. If you get drawn into a conversation with one and try to cheer them up, the chances are you will end up sitting on the edge of a bridge reflecting on your miserable existence within hours.

Spraying them with holy water doesn't work either. (Or attempting to drown them in it) That just provokes a debate on how mass religion is just lies and there is nothing out there, we just die. (cheerful huh?)

Emotional vampires don't just want to be miserable, they want everyone else to be miserable too. they want YOU to question everything in your life and find it as cold and as dark as they do.

The best way to deal with an emotional vampire isn't so different from how you deal with the normal run-of-the-mill vampire.

But instead of cutting out their heart just cut them out of your life. No-one needs someone in their life like that. People need to be willing to change, adapt and grow.

And if that isn't possible. then you need to act swiftly before they begin to feed on you. slowly draining away all that is bright and light in your world.

Do you have an emotional vampire in your life?

How would you deal with one?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x


  1. Seriously babe, I have quite a few in my life, but they are people that I love and just are who they are. So I shut myself off from them when I can't handle it and when I can, I just put my barriers up and don't let them suck the joy! What it has taught me is that I don't have to be like that. Mostly, I live in the moment and don't get bogged down by the past and needless negativity - well that's on a good day! You want more depth... I've got it :o) Love ya x

  2. I had 2 friends that were just like that - but I'm not in touch with either any more. I went through a really tough time and whenever I talked with them it always ended up being about how their lives were so awful- drama, drama, drama. I couldn't cope with their drama when I was trying to make my life work, so I cut them loose.

  3. I had a friend I supported through some really bad breakups including her baby's father dumping her. When I had to have my dog put down I needed someone to talk too. When I told her what happened she sarcastically thanked me for depressing her. That was the last time I spoke to her. I was speechless at the total lack of care or understanding.


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