Monday, 16 May 2011

Tell it to your therapist Ms Jones

Another day, another pointless article from Liz Jones in The Daily Mail Online.

DailyMail Online/Liz Jones

But why has this one made me madder than usual?

I'm mad because this had the potential to be an AWESOME article.

WE are all obsessed one way or the other with our weight, and Ms Jones as someone living with anorexia is in a powerful position to be able to help people like her by telling her story.

But like a super hero who turned to the dark side. She just couldn't resist the lure of her power to help herself instead of others.

Do I REALLY need to hear (TWICE) that she was in Prada? Does that help me to connect somehow with the story?

Er, No.

The words that she wrote, which obviously came from the heart and are highly personal in places could have been so powerful and yet were diluted in her desire to show us her "fabulous" lifestyle.

It is as if Liz Jones just can't help herself. She can take the makings of a great article and like a showbiz pushy mother she has to insert herself into the middle of it with a huge


There are people out there that would kill to have her column or even a quarter of the platform that she has been given to spout her drivel. Her banality and narcissm should be her downfall.

If you want to be open and honest, then do it. Go the whole hog, strip yourself bare. but don't then pull back at the last minute and get side tracked in the triviality of the situation.

You are cheating your readers.

And yourself.


  1. Yorkshire Girl16 May 2011 at 11:09

    I love you. That is all. x

  2. See, this has always been my beef with LJ. She IS a good writer - well, she can be a good writer but her fragile ego gets in the way all the time. It's a shame, it really is. And that is ALL I'm going to say about it...having already waxed lyrical on this before on my own blog and given she's a neighbour!! :-D

  3. Agreed. She could be great, but she prefers to be full of hot air instead.

  4. That woman makes my blood boil at times!! She has the writing ability and access to an audience to make a really profound point about society and instead prefers to drivel on about how badly done to she is (in the changing rooms at Prada, no less) and get hopelessly self-involved again. Upon recommendation from my GP I've stopped reading her column as it makes my blood pressure shoot through the roof yet again. I find reading the comments section usually makes me feel better tho, we're not the only ones who can't stand her haha.

  5. Can I get a show of hands from people who think Daily Mail should sack Jones and hire Big Fashionista in her place?
    *raises hand*


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