Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Three little words

There are three little words out there that are GUARANTEED to have mothers killing themselves with laughter before fixing men with a stare that is designed to shrivel scrotums and have you checking yourself before you be wreckin yourself.

"Get some rest"

Are there any other words that can bring tears to a womens eyes so fast?

After spending the night in hospital with a kidney infection I have been sent home with ten days of antibiotics and some sage advice to get some rest.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,

I would piss myself laughing but seriously people that HURTS at the moment.

I have three children, I'm a busy woman. How the hell did they think I ended up with a kidney infection in the first place? By ignoring the symptoms of a water infection and carrying on when I should've taken myself to bed with a hot book and a good drink. (or should that be the other way around? Naaahhhhhh)

We don't have time to be ill, There is always someone out there who needs us more than we need to look after ourselves.

So today I am finally taking the doctors advice.

I'm getting some rest.

But only because my children are in school and the drugs are making me groggy.

3.15, I'm back on the clock.

Sorry Doc. x x x

How about you?

Do you take care of yourself when you are sick?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x


  1. Never, and my kids at nearly 19, nearly 17 and 15 are old enough to take care of themselves. You seriously do need to take some time though, a kidney infection is no joy, forget the housework, oven chips and chicken nuggets for the next few days or any other equally none demanding evening meal, and lie on the sofa in between times. Weirdly when my OH managed to do his back out at the beginning of the school holidays and my children were 5, 3 and 2 he was able to rest fully and completely...funny that. I do think though that we or at least me as a woman is very bad at asking for help, I mean really bad, so maybe call in some favours, if I wasn't off to Scotland on Saturday morning and at work tomorrow I would be down, seriously. Jan xx

  2. I had a kidney infection last year... Never been so ill in my LIFE. Was horrible :/ Hope you feel better soon!

    Rhiannon xo

  3. I totally agree - laughable. But do at least try and get some rest... DVDs, TV dinners, DS, whatever it takes... try to take care of you. Mums' needs matter too! x

  4. I don't know how parents do it. Pretty much every illness I've ever had has resulted in a doctor telling me I need to cut down on my stress levels. Did they ever offer any advice on how to do that? Of course not! Not when I had a stomach ulcer, not when I got booked in to start a course of dialysis. Never! It's possible that after six months of being forced to take time out of work for a bunch of reasons I may have figured out how to let it all go but let's wait and see now I'm getting back to work again. Life is just stressful! Whether you have a family to look after or if you have to fend for yourself all alone! x

  5. I've been sick all week, and there isn't a HOPE in HELL of me being able to take to the bed. Even though I haven't eaten dinner since Thursday, I've still made dinner for the rest of the family. There's really no difference between sick me and well me - I still have to do the same stuff, albeit with copius amounts of snot thrown in. If I don't do it, the MAN will have to do it, and then all hell will break loose and I would end up screaming.


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