Monday, 9 May 2011

Trinny & Susannah Slimming Pants review.

When Tights Please asked if anyone would like to try some of their slimming pants I have to admit that I was one of those pesky people sticking up their hand going, "oh, me me, pick me"

I've had three children,

Baby got back, front AND sides.

If it's good enough for the celebs out there (most have which have a lower fat content than a chip) to wear control knickers then it is good enough for me. We all have those outfits that we need a little help with (I have a LOT of those outfits) and when TightsPlease sent me the Trinny & Susannah slimming pants  that go from your knees to just under your bust I was a happy blogger indeed.

Obligitory pic of me wearing my Trinny & Susannah Slimming pants.

Now you are going to have to trust me on the fact that it made a HUGE difference, (These jeans usually SCREAM muffin top) but it really did.

As I'm not brave enough to show you a picture of the actual suit on me I have taken a picture from the Tights Please website.

Available in natural and black these Trinny & Susannah slimming pants are superb for smoothing ALL lumps and bumps. I found that there was none of the usual tell-tale bumps where the material finishes and as it is a suit it gives you all over body confidence. (Something I am usually lacking) It even has a little gap in the gusset for if you need a bathroom break. But I wasn't brave enough to give it a go.
The whole range of Trinny & Susannah shapewear is available here

or you can look at Tights Please for a huge range of shapewear and some fantastic tights that I have my eyes on.

What do you think?

Are you a fan of Tights Please and Shapewear?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x


  1. where are the before pics???

  2. I have a question, honestly its a realy one. I always wonder how you go to the loo with a garment on like that?

  3. LOL - looking good lady :) Seriously though - how comfy is it? And does it roast you alive when the temperature goes above 20 degrees C?

  4. Anon 1)


    Anon 2)

    Really? You want some? It's not pretty.

    Donna, it does have a flap in the gusset but I didn't feel comfortable so I just took it off each time. It wasnt too much hassle.

    Forest Flower, I wore it Saturday night at a party where it was hotter than hell and the material was very comfortable and I didn't feel hotter than usual at all which really surprised me. Will definitely wear during the summer without any trouble.

  5. Great job on your weight loss! You look great! I could use one of those, do they make a man's version!! lol Have a great evening!☺

  6. I love shapewear and wouldn't go out on a night out without my trusty one from Matalan haha. Going to look on the website now. x

  7. What a testament to the awesome job you're doing re your weight loss. Anything that helps validate your hard work I am definitely a fan of. Keep it up, the results speak for themselves gorgeous. 8)

  8. the papers and mags always make the after look better! i would have thought you would have had the guts to show the before pics that are not posed etc!!

  9. Well I think you look absolutely awesome!! Completely awesome!

  10. so much for a reply.......

  11. I never feed the trolls after 10pm x

  12. not a troll, just havent got a google id or whatever!! but lets be honest the before and after pics in mags are a croc, just thought you would show us girls the truth is all,

  13. Not to an anonymous I won't :-)

    But thanks for reading x

  14. I've tried a pair from debenhams before which are just the shorts/stomach and ive always found they are great until i want to sit down and they whole thing just rolls down to my hips! Did you find sitting down ok? I like the idea that this has straps, no chance of it rolling down, would like to see something with multichange straps though.

  15. How brown are you!? You're nearly merging into the fencing! I'd try these too, anything to help the muffin tops x

  16. I have some and putting them on was like a work out! I was shattered after.

    Mine did roll down a little, I try and have them quite high so that they go under my bra a bit to help secure them.


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