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Has the Gaga bubble burst?

It was announced yesterday that Lady Gaga is being sued over failing to hand over all monies made from the sale of a charity wristband to help raise funds for Japan.

Whether there has been a mistake, fraud or a genuine oversight with the tax issue it has made me wonder whether we will now be watching the fall of Gaga.

Icon, Diva and Inspirational are all words bandied around by fans of Lady Gaga, She is credited as helping people to come to terms with their sexuality, colour and not fitting in and she inspires ferocious loyalty from her fans.

But what goes up must come down. The media play such a huge role in any meteoric rise, True, Gaga has always kept it interesting with her style and chameleon-like appearances but for how long can people be impressed and awed?

And where do you go after you have pushed the boundaries so far there is no way left to shock? A dress made of live kittens? A baby finger hat? (I'm trademarking them Lady Gaga, before you start getting any ideas)

Will there come a time when Lady Gaga will walk down the street naked and everyone says, "Meh, there goes Gaga with her vah-jay-jay out again"

Of course there will be.

The same thing goes for the music and the videos.

Fine if you want to lez it up in one video and give birth in another, people are going to feel a tad disappointed if you just DANCE AROUND in your latest video. (Oh the sorrow)

It must be exhausting to be permanently trying to be one step ahead, looking for ways to shock and ways to change your appearance. Surely it will have a lasting effect.

Have I mentioned the tears?

Lady Gaga cries more than my 5 year old daughter! And now with about as much effect. At first when someone cries you think, Awwwwww that's sad. But when you keep on doing it? It dilutes the effect so much that people end up just rolling their eyes thinking, Oh she's off again and refuse to give the attention that you so obviously crave.

I don't know whether we are seeing the start of the fall of Gaga, I feel that the media may smell the blood in the water and start to circle to see if they can tear her apart. But what will keep Lady Gaga in the public eye is NOT her ever-changing style, her music or her charity work (cough)  It is her FANS. It is only when they start to become jaded she needs to worry.

What do you think?

Are you a "monster" and always will be?

Do you think Gaga has had her 5 minutes of fame and needs to step back now?

Or were you a fan but are now bored and over it?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x


  1. I was a massive gaga fan for her first album, and I quite liked the early little monster phase... but I'm really over her now! I haven't liked any of the singles released from her new album and I'm a bit bored of her...

    Thanks for saying what many of us are maybe too shy to! xxx

  2. I've been pretty much unimpressed by her since the start, and believe me when I say I love pop-starlet-divas, huge madonna fan, kylie, janet jackson, ...I'm there. However I just didn't see the hype from the start, and all those outfits make me see an attention seeking individual that only wants the shock factor to get attention.
    Her music is ok, but again, nothing outrageous or truly inspirational. She has a talent for reproducing what we have been seeing in music and arts since the 70s, but that is all.
    Then it's silly comments she makes like "Alexander McQueen is inside of me since he died" or "these horns are not prosthetics they have always been inside of me" are laughable, and again, attention seeking affirmations and that bores me.
    She has captured the attention of millions of teenagers and youngsters that fail to see that she has simply fried over conventions, style, songs, of other artists and claim them as their own.
    I do feel she has an expiry date, unless she comes out with a secret talent no one knew of and offers something more durable than walking around practically naked and falling off some ridiculously high platforms.
    Sorry for the rant ;)

  3. In all honesty I love Lady GaGa's music but have never taken any notice in what's she's doing! As long she is recording songs that keep happily screeching away in the shower, I think she'll be fine.


  4. Lady gaga has more talent in her fingers than you have in your whole body.

  5. I don't know whether she's going to fade into obscurity, but I definitely think she needs to step back. She's got so many singles out, and she's just everywhere. It was inevitable that people would get bored of her.

  6. I quite enjoy seeing what rig out Lady Gaga's wearing now but I've always thought the music was the weak link - it's passable pop and nothing more. I think she'll be remembered for her shock value in years to come but her songs will be forgotten.

  7. Off with the head!!! (not yours Kel!)

    Whatsherface Gaga bores me to tears...she is so unoriginal she falls into boring.
    "Born this way?!"yeah right! go see for yourself what she USED to be before she got a record deal

    *yawns* bored of her already

  8. Couldnt agree more, think its just a hyped up load of nonsense!

  9. Some great comments so far. Glad I'm not the only one seeing te possibility of people becoming bored.

  10. I've never been a Gaga fan, I just don't get her. Dressing in meat? OK it gets headlines and gets the paps excited but it makes me not want to look!

    Emily xxx

  11. I don't mind some of her songs but I don't like watching her, she tries to be so unpredictable that it's now predictable, if that makes sense?!

    Welcome back :) xxx

  12. I've never been much of a fan, she has catchy songs for sure. But when she started doing the born this way stuff for the press - those weird prosthetics or implants, saying she'd always had them - my brain just went "narcissistic personality disorder" and I completely lost interest.

  13. I'm not a fan of Gaga. Even the name irritates me. I think it's just her whole TRYING to be different thing, it's what everyone I knew when I was 13 did. I agree that people shouldn't have to fit in but it's just boring to go in completely the opposite direction, I frankly think her recent styles have been hideous, I hate what she's doing with her hair and eyebrows. But then again that's just my personal opinion. I just think there's only so far you can push the boundaries and frankly, I find Lady Gaga horrendously boring. These sob-stories of how people name-called her at school - hello, nearly EVERYONE has that. It's hardly heart-wrenching and it's wrong for her to attention grab for such things when she is so financially (and otherwise) privileged now. I like this post. xx

  14. Gaga is a fantastic live performer. I do feel 'Born this Way' isn't as good as 'The Fame Monster' but there are still some decent songs on there. I don't take anything she says, does or wears too seriously. It's how she chooses to express herself ... and that is up to her.

    As ever, the media like to tear down what they built up.

  15. completely agree with you Andrea, the media will glorify you one day, tear you down piece by piece the next... it's insanely sick.

  16. Bored with her now (and have been for some time). Next!

  17. I do think people will get bored of her, but I love her. She does do the attention whore thing and I think the people who loved her when she was more main stream are going to die off. I hate hearing the "she's ripping X person off" because everyone does that ever. I love her because she promotes the "be yourself" message and I've never felt that off another celebrity so much. I love that people freak out about her because most of them are stuck up prissies (note the difference between "freak out" and just "meh" at her.)

    With that said I do think her popularity will wane, but she'll keep a good fan base after the "next big thing" comes along.

  18. 'The entire $5 donation made with the purchase of each bracelet is going to support the disaster relief. No profit is being made on shipping costs. Sales tax charges were made in accordance with local legal requirements. Lady Gaga has personally pledged her own funds to this cause and continues to support the victims of the disaster'

    I have to say I love her. I think nowadays it's difficult for anything to be original before someone saying soandso did this and that before.

    I personally don't agree with the opinion that her songs ill be forgotten in years to come. She's thee fast selling artist out there.

    I'm really trying to not make this bias because I totally get your opinion but from where I'm standing she might not have been strutting around in a meatdress when she was at school but the whole concept behind Born This Way was to not be afraid to show who you are. I think it's wonderful the way she's getting the LGBT to have more acceptance. The things she does for charity is remarkable and something I admire.

    But what she's shown me through quotes and songs is that people should be accepted for whatever life they want to live (like she is). I won't rocking up to work in an egg any time soon but she's made me realise that although I still have little confidence in myself, the people that judge me because of how I look aren't worth the time of day.

    It's difficult for me to explain without sounding overbearing but I'm not a 'monster' who's going to bang on about how original she is but I do think she's bought something different onto the music scene.

  19. I think in some ways the biggest impact shes had isnt on us directly but the one she's had on other artists around her- she scared everyone into jumping into her pool and that industry has visibly changed as a result. It's always felt like she's lacking in substance but her commitment to that alone is admirable! So we'll see x


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