Monday, 27 June 2011

So when's the holiday?

So I am just back from a week in sunny (rainy) Great Yarmouth. 8 days in a tin can with three children?

Excuse me while I go find someone to sue under the Trades Description Act. A Holiday? Where? I think I blinked and missed it. Sure, the children had fun, The Mr got to spend some quality time with his offspring but for me? Same shit, different setting. It was like half term with all of the grief that goes with it, without the opportunity for them to go to their nans for a night!!!!!

I buttered bread, sorted out clothing, showered the little cherubs, stuck plasters on their knees, made endless cups of tea...........................................


I do this at home!!!

I knew that it would go down this way, lets face it, unless you are 5 *'ing it up in an all inclusive, Mum you are NEVER off duty. A holiday is something that happens to everyone else around you while you carry on doing the same stuff you always did.

And then at the end of the week the other half turns to you and says, "Well that was good wasn't it? The kids had fun"

By thatpoint I was willing Mr F to drop me off in a lay-by like a stray dog so I could find my own way home. (May have taken me a while, and via a spa for a couple of days)

But I am back, children are safely back in school and normal blogging will hopefully resume once I have got rid of this HUGE washing pile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who's missed me?

Big Fashionista x x


  1. You probably won't believe but I did miss you, I thought of you this morning wondering when you were going to come back to bloggy land! :D

  2. I'm back now and definitely here to stay :-)
    Thanks for the comment x x x
    Appreciate it

  3. I missed you a lot! Sorry you didn't get a more relaxing holiday. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win a luxury all expenses paid trip to Capri!

  4. Oh dear, you live and learn. I once bought a caravan took it away for 2 nights, cried, then sold it.
    Nice to see you back
    Kandi x


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