Monday, 11 July 2011

Anti-social Networking

I can't handle it, it is all too much. No I'm not talking about Harper Seven (Sounds like a British-made car in my opinion)

I'm talking about Google +

The new Book of Face perhaps?

Or will it be the next................ (whispers) Myspace!!!!!! (whatever happened to that anyway?)

To be honest I don't really give a stuff.

Social media is taking over and making people less social than they have ever been.

Google +, Google Buzz, It is making my BRAIN google just thinking about it.

I can't handle it any more. Social networking OVERLOAD or what?

Facebook, Twitter, Google +,  Linkedin, Google Buzz.

It is a way of showing people that you don't care enough to go out and party with, what a great time you have when you go out and party!!!!

I think someone forgot to put the Anti in Social Networking.

So I'm giving myself an ASBO and cutting down on my social networking for a while.

I'm not feeling all that social anymore. (Plus I've had a bit of a crisis of confidence lately with my writing)

What do you think, Is there TOO much Social Networking which is stopping us from making real friends? Or will you be embracing Google + with a hug and a glass of something cold and wet?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I feel exactly the same! im avoiding twitter like the plague, blogging less and dont hardly upload any pics on fb anymore. Just tooooo much all of a sudden. The etiquette, the over users, it goes on! xxx

  2. I admit, I am approaching google+ with caution. it just seems too much. I like having twitter because I meet new awesome people, and facebook is for keeping in touch with old friends. But it is amazing how much time I waste on social networking sites,eeeek!

    Please don't stop writing though, I love reading your rants!x

  3. As with anythng new, Im cautious, least of all because I haven't a clue how it works. But Will it actually do anything different to anything else? So enough already, Im sticking with facebook and twitter, Not that I bother much with facebook anyway. Im a real twitter addict.

  4. I stopped myspacing when I was 21. I rarely facebook. I have no intention of google+ing. But I love twitter and blogs! Please don't go - we'll miss you :-( xxx

  5. I am not interested in Google+ at all. I Facebook and tweet but that's all. I think social networking is whatever you need it to be, but the day I only socialise through these avenues, especially with close friends or... *gasp* family... will be the day I shoot myself. That is all.

  6. oh and blogs of course.. couldn't live without blogs ;)

  7. I've been sent a Google + invite and I honestly don't know what to do with it. I've never had a Facebook account. Might just stick with blogging and Twitter.

  8. Agreed - I've had twitter for a few weeks/months at a time but tbh it just all gets a bit much and I get rid of it, I'd rather just text my mates or something. Facebook is a way to keep in touch with mates I don't see much, blogging is a hobby - everything else just feels like overload.

  9. I find it all too much especially with twitter it is like walking on egg shells after a long break away from facebook it was where have you been. Serously thinking of giving twitter a break. Mike

  10. I agree that perhaps Google+ is one step too far BUT DO NOT STOP BLOGGING. You are an amazing writer and you give joy and entertain so many people. x


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