Thursday, 7 July 2011

The end of The World? or not......................................

So The News Of The World is dead is it?

Long live The Sun on Sunday..........

Because lets face it, Rupert Murdoch isn't going to kill his golden goose without good reason.



all that is missing is


Does News International think that we are ALL that dumb? (I'll let them have some)

What they did was a disgrace. Now I have heard people say that it was a different time, it was part of the whole journalist tradition to do anything to get a story.

I beg to differ.

Not all journalists check their morals at the door. Some journalists on the NOTW should be incredibly proud of what they achieved there. Campaigns, awards and fundraising. Some good work was done.

It is just a shame that the actions of a few impact on so many now.

And who is the person with whom the buck was supposed to stop?

Rebekah Brooks.

Editor at the time and now high up on the News International food chain she has escaped so far unscathed where others are now paying for the sins of their fathers. (Or in Rebekahs case, mother)

Wow, How does she sleep at night? Not exactly going down with her ship is she?
(One could wonder who she was going down on to escape the sack?  erm..... allegedly)

I posted earlier that The News Of The World is like a cockroach. It isn't dead, it is just playing dead, (Plus it thrived on shit) The more cynical amongst us may wonder why two days ago The Sun on Sunday domain was purchased,

Is this Rupert Murdochs way of trying to sanitise News International before the BSkyB takeover deal?

Or does he really think that people are SO stupid they will instantly forgive and forget and buy his new rag! (I wouldn't use it to line my cat litter tray)

I don't know whether I am more insulted that News International think we are dumb enough to fall for the rebranding (I still haven't got over Opal Fruits, this may take a lot longer) or that we will forgive them for making hard working people redundant whilst keeping the Editor at the time (Rebekah Brooks) as an integral part of the News International "family" (vomits)

I for one will not be purchasing any crap that they bring out to replace The News of The World, and I hope you won't be either.

And for god's sake no purchasing the last issue as a souvenir!!!!

What do you think?

Let me know.

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  1. I think it is disgraceful that Brooks has kept her job. Hundreds of innocent people; receptionists, post room, journalists etc. have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. If she had done the right thing and resigned, it wouldn't have come to this. Remember how Sharon Shoesmith was villified (and quite rightly so) by this very paper, amongst others? She was to blame, because she was in charge. So Brooks, hang your head in shame, you have not only let innocent victims of terrible crimes down, but your work collegues too. You are one selfish bitch lady (plus you also have the shame of
    once being married to Ross Kemp...yuck)!
    Toni x (I don't know how to not be 'anon')


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