Friday, 15 July 2011

Nom or Vom

Oh yes we are BACK baby.

And to celebrate the fact that Nom or Vom is back with a bang I have trawled the internet high and low for some delicious pictures of a hot man. (sigh, hard job and all that)

Now as usual I am expecting not to be able to please everyone (these days it is rare if I can please anyone) but I am hoping that some people out there can appreciate a good looking man who lets face it has improved with age.

This guy started off (I'm going to be honest here) as a bit of a geek, the male equivalent of a last knockings bang in the dark. You WOULD, but you'd need to have your wine glasses on.

But NOW.

Hell I'd do a walk of shame over broken glass for this guy.

Ladies and Gentleman.

Justin Timberlake.

Obligitory topless shot.

Gratuitous topless shot.

Obligitory gratuitous half topless shot.

Sometimes what makes a man totally nom is his ability to look as good IN clothes as he does out of them.

Oh who the HELL am I trying to kid? Get em OFF Trousersnake!!!!


So what do we think everyone.

Nom or Vom?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x x


  1. Ewwww Vom! He just doesn't do it for me.... too muscley and yeah, vom!

  2. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. I'd like to hurt him.
    Marching Band NOM.

  3. remember when the photoshoot came out of the before last picture... suddenly i saw what Britney had seen years before, the guy is hoooot! I like him, a lot, and he also seems to have a fantastic sense of humour which kind of seals the deal for me :)
    Glad Nom or Vom is back xxxx

  4. Total nomage! And you just know he'd be totally dirty. Yum. xx

  5. Definitely definitely NOM!! I am so very very much a fan of the Timberlake. What, he does music too?.............

  6. A big fat Nom from me, however his earlier pics from N sync make me want to VOM!

  7. Total NOM! I'm bringing sexxxxxxy baaaaaaack!!!!!! :0)

  8. Nom for me - even though he's nothing special really, if he was just some bloke you knew from the pub or something it wouldn't be that big a deal.

  9. Vom, but not really, just meh really. I think I might be older than his mum. Thats a turn off tbh.

  10. Nomorama - All day every day all night long!

  11. Oh yes ladies x x x
    He really did bring sexy back

  12. Oh nomnomnomnomnomnomnom I'm off to listen to Lovestoned... and try not to think about his... lovestones... :) THANK YOU!!

  13. Yay, how I've missed nom or vom. However, this has to be a VOM from me, I've never really seen the appeal personally!

  14. definitely a nom! couldnt be anything else lol

    shel xx

  15. Stef aka @PrincessofVP15 July 2011 at 17:21


    That is all.

  16. Most defo nom, the man is sex on legs!

  17. Tis a most definite NOM! With added yum!!

  18. EW! VOM VOM VOM! Seriously, JT is essentially a chav, who happens to have been in a boy band and then become a superstar, but if you saw him walking through an estate, in trackies and fake Burberry, he'd fit right in.

    NOT attractive. No no no.


  19. VOM! ewww... hated him right from the days of when he released his first single.

  20. Nom!!

    Glad nom or vom is back :D


    PS. must apologise if this comment appears like, ten times, tried to post it using my google account and it wouldn't let me :/

    PSS. its glamgemini from twitter x


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