Friday, 22 July 2011

Nom or Vom

So it's Friday, and you know what that means?

A hot, possibly shirtless male celeb for us to grade like a piece of meat.

God I LOVE Fridays.

(If you are new to the Nom or Vom party, grab a coffee and prepare to grade like a teacher marking some maths homework. I'm aiming for an A+ here)

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you

Jared Leto.

Now ok, this is a guy that may not tick everyones boxes but I do like a man who can wear more eyeliner than me and make me want to bang him like a screendoor in a hurricane.

Take a look.

Oh hi Jared, flicks hair. you are looking FINE!!!!

Awwwwwwww, I want to take him home to mum.

See, I LOVE this look.

 The new advert for Hugo Boss, Just Different. I want to lick every poster I see. (I'm now banned from Boots)

Gratuitous topless shot. (Rude not to)

So what do you think?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Nom! I love the hint of madness in his almost too close eyes! Love thanks!

  2. Definitely Nom!
    I definitely would!

  3. Nom bu strangely only when looking like a mad rocker. I'm not into the clean cut look. Pictures one and three really do it for me.

  4. Oh yes! He's a Nom! Prefer the longer hair to the short but would still Nom him anyway ;)

  5. Holy crap on a crackerjack, I practically ran to this post. You have just made my day complete (not bad for 09:46am ;P)

    Oh, Jared Leto is the nommiest nom that ever nommed!!!! I can't believe it's like 16 years ago we were drooling over him in My So-Called Life, and I can't believe he looks so flippin' good at nearly 40, he looks like he's still in his early 20s! I had to do a double take when I saw him looking so young in the Hugo Boss adverts haha!

  6. NOM! All the way. Don't have to think about it for a second. I loved him in My So Called Life and he's just getting better now. Plus guyliner makes me strangely happy.

  7. nom for his eyes every era, nom for him in the past vom for him now!

    shel xx

  8. OMG, I must be getting old! He does nothing for me. Sorry girls! He is by no means a 'vom', but I can't even raise an eyebrow over him. Maybe I should go to the doctors...I could be starting my menopause??? Toni x

  9. Bonbonsandbows22 July 2011 at 09:58

    Oh yes a good choice there if ever I saw one! I do love the many looks of one Jared Leto, but do favour the more edgy 30 Seconds to Mars look. He is great front man eye candy and rocks that bleached blonde mow hawk and eye liner with the best of them :)) NOM xx

  10. This boy/man and episodes of My So Called Life were what I lived for as a teenager (sad, but true).

    If I could capture him exactly as he is in picture 2, I'd be in heaven!

    The only teenage crush that came close to this guy is Scott Wolf (Baillie from Party of 5)....another weeks nomination perhaps?)

    Nom - Nom - Nom

  11. Oh god, I think I might be dead from the neck down. I keep looking at his photos and am feeling NOTHING, I am totally ambivalent, although am surprised he is nearly 40, he looks way younger. I guess I am just a barren, dried up old husk of a woman. Off to look at photos of James Gandolfini & Ray Winston just to check!

  12. Ooooooh, I seem to have come over all faint! Total NOM! :)

  13. Oh jesus NOM - ever since I saw him in his little sheepskin-collar jacket in MSCL - he hasn't aged a day either. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Love.

  14. Nom but without the eyeliner!

  15. This one is so difficult. I mean, sometimes he is so ruggedly rockstar hot, and others, he's Zac Efron.

    The eye liner tips it I think... NOM! x

  16. Oh how I've missed these posts! Definitely nom, but mainly for the eyeliner pic. Doesn't normally do it for me but don't like the clean cut type guys, the eyeliner gives some much needed edginess x

  17. Nom, if nothing else was on offer. He's far more pretty than me. Most upsetting x

  18. NOM. Ever since the 90s.

  19. I'm with Charlie on this one...a big nom but only when he's looking a bit grungy! :) He's at his most nommy in the videos for The Kill and From Yesterday!! HELLO!!!! ;) x

  20. NOM NOM NOM. He is the fittest 40 year old I have ever seen.

  21. Honestly I would do things to him that no woman has ever done before! He is so fit!!! Nom nom nom!!!


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