Monday, 18 July 2011

The "Princess effect"

Dear Walt, Can I call you Walt, (Now, I know you are dead but hey, a little bit of respect goes a long way I think)

Dear Walt,

I HATE you,


Yours Sincerely

Kellie (Thats me)

Ok, now some of you may be removing me from your RSS feed as we speak but hear me out.

Walt Disney has ruined my life.

Want to know why?

I grew up with Walt Disney films, and now I fear I have been left with the "Princess effect"

I don't want to BE a princess. (I will leave that to the Kate Middletons of this world)

 I want to be treated like a princess!! preferably one of these.

I want the romance to never die, even if I do sleep for a hundred years, I want to be pursued and wanted, loved and cherished, rescued from an evil step-mother. dammit I want to be put on a pedestal, even bloody sang to if the mood is right. I want to be saved from a dragon, even if I know full well I can take that dragon by myself. (What, I want to be a princess, not a pushover)

As Julia Roberts put it so well in Pretty Woman.

"I want the fairytale"

(although she also said  "you could pay me now, and break the ice" so maybe I'll disregard some of her wisdom)

Now anyone who knows me in real life would probably think that the idea of me being a sucker for romance is absurd. I'm pretty sure I have a reputation of being a no nonsense woman who will not depend on a man for anything (And they would be right)

But Walt Disney owns a piece of my ass and that piece is fluffy, soft and girlie and there is nothing I can do about it.

That part of me wants to be looked at as if I am the only woman in the world and be craved so hard that it hurts, To be made to feel as if I am special.

(Apologies to anyone who can feel vomit rising)

I curse you Disney. (and your stupid mouse too)  

I was dripfed "happily ever after" as a child and I don't think I've been completely weaned.

And while I am happy being a strong independent woman who can slay dragons for myself and I have enough self-respect to know that a man doesn't have to "complete me" (Thanks Jerry Macguire) There is still a tiny part of me that wants that tiara and all that goes with it.

And Walt, (Are we still on first name terms here?)

I blame YOU.

Big Fashionista x x

What do you think? Is anyone else out there suffering from the "Princess effect"

Or do I need to watch some horror films to try and remove the infection that is all things Disney?

Let me know

BF x x


  1. I'm not suffering from it, but I totally understand it.

    I've long been dismissed as bitter and twisted when saying that Disney films give young girls a false perception of what real relationships are like. No man can live up to that ideal, so what you end up with is a bunch of women who feel that they're missing out on something and a bunch of men who don't stand a hope in hell because, to quote the little Walls dog, they're just blokes really.

    That's the cynic's view of it all anyway...


  2. I hear ya - loud & clear! Battled with the same dragons for eons!
    Nic x

  3. I definitely agree. I've long been known as the girl that does not want to get married, and is quite headstrong about these things, but in all honesty, the only reason that I now have this attitude was because when I "grew up" (and I use that term lightly) my whole idolised idea of romance was completely shattered, and there is this weird part of me that wants to be whisked off my feet by a tall, handsome stranger (which actually sounds really creepy), but reality knows that this will never happen.

    I found that watching Enchanted kind of gets it out of the system, in an ironic sense. Whilst, Twilight really just highlights exactly the point you've made, and again how creepy the notions of romance Disney conveys really are haha!! ;)

  4. I'm with you on this!! I'm fiercly independant, raising a child on my own and being able to anything I set my mind to, including college & uni as a single mum but still holding out for 'my Prince' and you know what, he actually existed and now I have the best of both worlds. I'm an independant woman with a great career and a son & husband-to-be who love me all the more for it, ps I've got my fairytale wedding in December without a princess gown in sight xx

  5. I've always seen myself as more of an evil queen...

  6. Girls who grow up watching disney films grow up to be very disappointed!

    Even when you do think you've found your prince charming they soon turn out to have the most annoying habits!

    Where is all of the singing, talking animals and balls?

    Disney you really need to take a good hard look at your films and stop giving us false hope!

  7. i still want to be a princess :-( Still, i can a princess by name if not by nature, sarah allegedly means princess. i think!

  8. Completely agree, this is the precise reason why I am a sulky brat on occasion!

    I do get the Princess treatment at times, and that'll do for me!

    And I still love how Disney made me feel warm and gooey inside as a child, so Walt, I forgive you!!!!

  9. well said. plastic, corporate-run entertainment is the real opium of tje prople. As for being treated like a princess, it starts with you.


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