Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Prom night

Now I thought I had another couple of years before I had to deal with this but NO.

My daughter has proudly purchased her ticket for her PROM.


Prom? She is Ten!!!! Ten!!!!!! (ok, slight over-use of the exclamation marks there)  I really thought I had a couple more years before I had to deal with the trials and tribulations of prom.

Now Prom is a relatively new thing over here, a bit like Sweet Sixteen parties, thanks USA & MTV, we were managing perfectly well before you came along and made things look exciting and cool. We aren't just about cucumber sandwiches and afternoon tea you know, we already knew how to rock out.

But NOW, oh god it is ALL about the dress, the shoes, (If my daughter mentions a limo I will cry) and who is taking who.

Now I was just about ready to deal with this when she left secondary school. I had a whole speech planned in regards to prom.

"Prom is a bit like sex, Your expectations are high, there is a huge build up but then at the end of the evening, chances are you will end up disappointed and there won't even be fireworks!!!!!!!"

(Ok, I may take that one back to the drawing board. Note to self. Shut up)

But Prom at ten?

I don't think I can handle this. It is hard enough that she is leaving Primary school and going up to "big school"

But her first big event?


What if she gets kissed?

What if she DOESN'T?

Yeah, even I'm not old enough to handle this one maturely. (Her dad wants to know if he can chaperone. Think Big Chris from Lock, Stock. Probably not a good idea)

So when DID Prom become such a huge event?

And what's wrong with a good old school disco anyway?

(Goes off to purchase dress, shoes, bag and pepper spray)

Am I over reacting here?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. "What if she gets kissed?

    What if she DOESN'T?"

    Love this!!

    I don't think you're over reacting at all - why would a 10 year old need a prom? Is there going to be one every year until she's 16 or 18 now? Bring back the disco!

  2. I'm with you on this one ... children are being forced to grow up too fast these days!

  3. Seriously WHY do 10 year olds need a prom? I think having a prom at 16 is unneccessary enough. I don't get why there's all this pressure for kids to be so much older than their years. A few weeks ago I was a bit preturbed about someone I know going on on Facebook about how he had bought his kids an xbox and couldn't wait to see their face....his kids are 3 and 4, why do they need an xbox?! Now I'm not a parent mself do maybe I'm not qualified to judge but at 3 and 4 I'd want to be reading to my kids or taking them to the park or something, not sat indoors perfecting their skills on Grand Theft Auto (ok, maybe an exaggeration).

  4. A prom at 10 is ridiculous, I can see why 16 year olds would want one and that it can be a nice way to end you time at secondary school.

    But 10, FFS.

  5. I couldn't agree more, one of the very nicest things about Em's prom (after gcse's)was seeing how all those little ducklings had blossomed into swans and how the spotty geeky freak was suddenly, in a tux with his hair done, seriously hot. It really defined that transition from school "child" to young adult and was all the better for being the first time they had really seen one another as grown ups, some of the gloss of a fantastic evening would definitely have been lost had it been "another" prom. School disco with some pop and sweets at 10 is the way to go, in my opinion. Gawd knows they grow up too quickly as it is. That said I hope she has a ball, bless her - we will be waiting for photos! x

  6. 16 fair enough. 10, no way. My little girl isn't 5 yet but already I fear for her. I'm with you on this one Smells x

  7. you're right, they shouldn't be faced with the pressures of prom at such a young age - a simple school disco does the trick!

  8. WHAT!? Prom? I hate that word for a start. When I was twelve we had a disco to send us off into secondary school. Then we had a formal when we were 15/16 and a graduation formal when we were 17/18. Why do schools let kids grow up too fast? It makes me so sad.


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