Monday, 25 July 2011

Spoiled Brat Competition

So last week I hit 500 blog followers, (seriously, what kept you?) and to celebrate this monumental (in my eyes) achievement those lovely people over at Spoiled Brat have come up with a superb prize for me to offer one of my sexy followers. (yes you, I'm talking to you)

Designed by Anna Lou exclusively for Spoiled Brat this necklace is perfect for any stylish "Brat" out there.

I have to admit, I'm loving this. (being a bit of a brat myself) and could see myself styling this out alllllllllllll summer long.

But as I can't enter my own competition then I might as get on with the it. (sulks slightly)

Take yourself over to and have a look around, then come back and tell me your FAVOURITE item from Spoiled Brat with a link to it and let me know why you love it.

Easy huh?

For example

My favourite items are the Spirit Hoods.

I love them all, from the Wolf (my favourite) to the Lion and the Fox. I just adore them as I'm a huge hat wearer, animal lover and can see myself wearing one all winter long. (It is winter now isn't it?)

Cute huh?

Now for the boring but necessary rules bit.

You must be a follower of my blog to enter this competition.

UK entries only I'm afraid.

The competition will run until Friday evening at 5pm.

and the competition starts........................................................


So what's YOUR favourite Spoiled Brat item?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Happy 500 BF!! ;) Love the necklace!

    Good SpiritHood choice btw, you totally NEED one!! ;)

    There are SOOOOOOOOO many hawt things at SB that it's almost impossible to choose...

    I'm gunna go for this delicious Muubaa leather jacket. I bet it smells amazing & it's totally badass! ;)

    Muubaa Fortuna Biker in Light Grey

    T xoxo

  2. Fab giveaway! Well done on reaching 500 followers xx

    My favourite item of the moment are these Russian Doll shoes, they are super cute yet practical! I don't know if I love the pattern or the clear heel the most?

  3. Well done on reaching 500 followers :)

    My fave item is the happiness necklace, I need to remind myself to be be happy at times

  4. Happy 500 followers!
    This is such a fab give away, the necklace is gorgeous!
    My favourite item on the website is this bag: extremely cute!!!

  5. Congrats on 500! I'm so close to hitting 300 it's amazing thinking back to when we all started. :)
    My fav item is
    Such a gorgeous dress, and would like great in summer or winter.


  6. Congrats on 500 followers WOW! :D
    Great giveaway, the necklace is beautiful. I found it soooo hard choosing just one thing to favourite off the site but I got there in the end...slowly lol. I love this sweater ..perfect for the upcoming cold season & is very versatile. What more could you want xx

  7. I love this: because not only is the Steven Shein stuff amazing in general, this is cool and elegant at the same time, with a bit of an edge which makes it even better! (And it could be worn with anything!)

  8. Hi, love the necklace and congratulations on reaching 500! I love this dress because its an absolute star like me! Good luck everyone!

  9. Thought I'd better add that I'm tweeting and following @sweet_Kat30 X


    Now, I have loved these shoes since I first saw them. In grown up sizes.

    I managed to talk myself out of buying them on the grounds that 28 year olds don't really need jelly shoes, but I would happily kit the kiddo out in a pair!

  11. Well done on 500 followers! I love the necklace but my absolute favourite is this bag - brilliant price reduction too!

  12. Hey hun! Congrats on the 500 followers! Thanks so much for holding such a fab giveaway :) Had a browsy round the website & just totally fell in love with this!! Haha, my alter ego ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  13. congrats on the 500 followers thats amazing girl! my fave from the site would be -

    these boots would be great now for coming into autumn/winter and would be cute with everything!

    thanks for entering me

    shel xx

  14. I love this: because the butterflies on it are so cute!


  15. I follow you via GFC: tinkerbelldani

    My fave item is this tinkerbell studded purse:

    My fave film ever since i was little is petter pan and my fave character was tinkerbell, since i was really little iv had the nick name tinkerbell and tink :) my gfc name is tinkerbelldani and my blog is names tinks tales so as you can see this item is perfect for me, its in the sale too, bonus! Thank you for making me look :) The necklace you are giving away is so pretty :) Thank you xox

  16. Yey Congrats BF!!

    Well, my fave item on SB right now is this Evil Twin leopard jacket!
    Now I like Evil Twin, and I like Leopard but which is best....? Fffff...WAIT! I don't have to choose because it's all here in one AMAZING jacket - huzzah!!

    And that necklace is HOT!

    J @Girlyougotstyle on Twitter xxx

  17. Congratulations on your 500 followers, its your fabulous posts that keep me laughing after a crap day at the office!

    For me its got to be the shoes, these Iron Fist platforms are FABULOUS!

  18. Congratulations BF!

    Mine favourite item would have to be this fierce leather jacket by Muubaa , amazebals...

  19. I can't enter (not in the UK, *sniff*) but HUGE congrats on reaching the big 500 and good luck to everyone!

  20. Hiii, new follower! *waves*

    My fave item has to be these Muubaa leather trousers, I'd love to pour (or squeeze) myself into them!

    Well done on your achievement!


    Look how beautiful these are! And in the sale too!

    Congrats on reaching 500 followers!

  22. Hey babe,

    Thought I'd have a little go. I love this:

    Why? Because it will go great with my dark blue skinnies, blue suede heels and that necklace :o)

    I actually love a few too many things on that website :o) Just gorgeous.


  23. congrats on blasting 500 followers.
    my fave item would have to be the nail wraps
    they are just sooo gorgeous xx

  24. Whoop Whoop - well done on getting to 500! What a landmark...

    Just spent the last half an hour on the Spoiled Brat website - I LOVE it!!

    I am seriously wanting the GLITTER (hellllo) Hunter Wellies.......

    However, I would also ADORE the Anna Lou "brat" necklace, as this is what I call lovingly call my which Monty replied "you are the mummy BRAT"


    Love SOphie xx

  25. Thats easy- the necklace your giving away!

    Its brilliant! Gorgeous and manages to sum me up in 1 word!

    Huge congrats on reaching 500- fab mile stone x


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