Wednesday, 20 July 2011

To cull or not to cull.

Today I have been reading a huge amount about a badger cull which has been agreed upon by the goverment even though an independent study has shown that the cull of badgers will have no effect on the BTB (bovine turbuculosis) threat to cattle as so few badgers in BTB hotspots are actually infected.

It  has been described as a black day for badgers.

And I am inclined to agree.

So find a petition and sign it, lobby your local MPs, and find ways that we can make our voices heard on behalf of the badgers.

In the meantime...................................................

In true Big Fashionista style,

I started to think about what else would benefit from a cull.

Well if we can save the badgers and there is all the culling equipment just laying around, it would be a criminal shame to waste a good culling opportunity wouldn't it?

Firstly, men.

Let's face it, I think a cull is LONG overdue, and if they are culling badgers for the spread of diseases then I know some slagbag men that need to be put in the firing line of some culling way before the badgers.

(Oh calm yourself, I'm not talking about you)


I can almost feel the line forming to be the one to pull the trigger.
Although the way things are going, soon there won't be any politicians left to cull (shame) stand down fellow cullers, our services may be put to better use elsewhere.

Justin Bieber and all his Bielebers or whatever the hell they're called.

Shall I just make a "form an orderly queue" sign now? 

How about Chavs?

There would have to be a certain criteria that they have to meet before they are up for the chop. What can I say? I'm not a heartless psychopathic bitch who fantasises about killing everyone (Or am I?)

Do you wear a scrunchie?

Do you have a Staffordshire bull terrier?

Do you own more than four pieces of gold purchased from Elizabeth Duke?

Do you aspire to be on Jeremy Kyle?

If you answer yes to all four then if you would be so kind as to just slip your head into this hood and kneel down over here on this plastic sheet?

This will hurt you more than it will hurt me.

So there you go, My OPINION on who deserves a cull more than the badgers.

Is there anyone you'd like to add to my list while I'm on the rampage?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Oh yes, so many culls could be made! I made a suggestion a few years ago that I'm surprised hasn't caught on yet. It was called 'ned island' (or chav to the non-Scottish). We'd ship them all there - it's be like Lord of the Flies but with a Lacoste shop and a MacDonalds. When we're all living under Caroline Hirons' new government, I reckon it could happen. We can only live in hope.

  2. rofl! Whilst I can think of a few groups I'd like to add but wont for fear of offending anyone *cough* estate agents *cough* I think you could add this lot to your list; people who park selfishly - especially those that park in bus stops, people who don't thank you when you held the door open for them, people who don't say please and thank you at all, people who spray sauce all over their food rather than popping some on the side to dip into, people who blow their nose on napkins and then leave them on the table, people who eat baked beans for breakfast, admittedly those last 3 might just be specific to me, running a guest house has skewed my opinion a little! But yep, you could happily add all of those to your cull list for me! x

  3. I'd love to see a cull on people who wear ugg boots in the rain - yuck, city centre seagulls, Rude sales assistants, people who give babies tea in a bottle - don't know if it's done outside of where I live but it's a pet hate of mine, it's often done by the same people who give small children in pushchairs Greggs sausage rolls to eat cull them all!

  4. Ha! another great post!

    Hmmm i'm gonna have to be select in what I would like to cull otherwise i'll be here till midnight...

    harem pants/any form of trouser which makes you look like you've sh1t yourself and/or your arse is as saggy as a 90 year olds!

    Rhianna... she winds me up! and the song S&M makes me cringe, especially when she's making those weird sex noises

    i'll stop now.

  5. People who use the word literally incorrectly. I want to shoot them in the face.

    People who drop litter.

    People who define themselves by being XYZ's mummy/daddy. Do they honestly not have anything more interesting to talk about than their boring kids?

  6. I love this and quite agree with most of it :-) I'd quite happily cull scroungers that spend my hard earned tax money on their 42" tv and weekly spending spree!, then boast about spending the day in the garden while I work! I often want to scream get a job!
    The only bit I don't agree with is the poor staff bull terriers! I have friends who own one of these beautiful dogs, and I have an bulldog and I promise none of us are chavs, although I'm partial to do odd scrunchie ;-) xx
    Great post again, I'm new to reading blogs and always really enjoy yours xx

  7. Noisy eaters, who think mouth clapping is the done thing.
    Well its not!

  8. I'm with Alex on the 'literally' thing. It drives me mad. Also, can we cull groups of girls who stand around in skinny jeans, uggs, clutching coffees and putting on faux-posh accents and saying things such as "like OMG totally, like, I SO swear like, he was TOTALLY looking at you like, I swear like". GRRRR.

    And people who add ".com" to everything. "OMG it was" fuck! And Politicians. :)

  9. Ok, I do sometimes wear Uggs (comfy), use a scrunchie (lotsa hair to keep out of my face) and love Staffies (they look like they're laughing when they pant!).

    How about... the people who park their childless 2 seater cars in the last Parent and Child space?

    People who chat on their mobile while going through the checkout - so rude!

    Ryan Giggs (tart)

    Anyone you don't know who touches you or your kids' hair? (pet hate of mine, it's pretty but it's not yours to touch!)


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