Thursday, 28 July 2011

What's up Doc?

Dear ER, I blame you for the disappointment coursing through my body today. In fact ALL American hospital dramas, I am personally holding you responsible for my sinking realisation that there are NO HOT DOCTORS IN REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know, I know. I should have been aware of this fact quicker, but I was too busy ogling Dr House.

Oops, wrong pic.

See, A hot doctor, Ok now his bedside manner may leave a little to be desired but it's not his bedSIDE manner I'm interested in.

Not convinced? Let me show you some more (ahem) evidence.

Your Honour, shall I just rest my case now?

You want to examine more evidence?

(Thought you might)

See, these Doctors are so scorching it is almost worth getting sick for.

How about the cute AND funny doctor?

See, All these doctors SHOULD exist. My TV tells me so................................

But they don't.......................... Boo, sucks to be me.

I've spent the day today in a hospital with Mr Fashionista (He'll live) and while he was in surgery I had a spare two hours to trawl....... I mean search..... for good looking doctors (purely as research you understand). And I can tell you that I would probably need a couple of weeks, a map and a topped up oyster card to find even one that is half decent and less than twice my age!!!!

So where are they all?

Are all the hot doctors placed in just one hospital? Is there a hotty hospital somewhere packed to the rafters with good looking GPs, Sexy surgeons and awesome anaesthetists (Do you know how many times I had to re-write that word?) or do they ration them to one per hospital and then hide them in the basement?

I'd love to know.

Does your hospital have a hotty Doctor, Or shall I accept the realisation that they don't exist and just stick to the drama versions?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I can confirm there are no fit doctors in the UK!

    When I visited Chicago in May my mother in law broke her hip and stayed in hospital during our stay and the doctors treating her were just like the hotties from tv!

    Why can we not have tall, dark, handsome and funny doctors? I get short, old and smelly - not fair!

  2. Am finding that pic of whatsisface with his pants off rather disconcerting, whereas as House he looks hot. Reality under the House glare (hot) lurks that arse (not hot). As far as UK docs go did you see Your Life in their Hands - series following new young Dr's? Adam in it was TV hottie hot, super hot, hugely aware of it but hot nonetheless and he was a complete honey with the old ladies that fluttered their lashes at him which made me like him all the more!

  3. i could tell u where some tranny docs are!! you know what im talking about lol

  4. Haha, good job I didn't look at this one at work!

    McDreamy is my fave. I can't bear Meredith though, the annoying bint. Kevin McKidd is lush too (if you like the wounded soldier type, or gingers, both of which I do).

    I've never ever met an attractive doctor. All the ones I've known in real life have been amazingly arrogant and smug as well. Not hot.

  5. 'oops wrong pic'
    hahaha :) those little cheeks proper cheered up when i saw them popping up on my dashboard that rainy work day morning. i am sorry i could not comment on it before today.
    more filth please :) lol x


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