Thursday, 18 August 2011

Big Brother. My opinion on the housemates

So it has started, All day I have paced like an expectant father and now my bouncing baby has been delivered. It is small, cute and possibly explosive.

So what do I think

Kerry Katona.

Hmmmmm, want to play a game? Every time she bursts into tears and says she misses her family-Take a drink. Expect to be drunk for the next three weeks. Will she make it? I think she will walk, citing she misses her family too much to continue.

Tara Reid.

Seriously? What is she on? (Because I want some) Speech is slurred and there is no way she will be able to understand anyone. Keep taking the tablets hun. (but save some for me) And we get it, the door didn't open for you.

Amy Childs

Shut upppppppppppp. The Brian Belo of Celebrity Big Brother. It''s lucky she was born pretty because she missed her turn in the brains queue didn't she? Unless she is a secret genius who will be caught out reading Shakespeare under the covers. (bad girl)

Paddy Doherty.

Genius Big Brother. Pure genius. I'm thinking this guy will be untameable. And hopefully will murder Jedward in their beds. (I live in hope)

Mr Paparazzi

Well someone wants to be famous in their own right don't they? The outfit. the feathers. it just screams "Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Poacher turned gamekeeper I fear.

Sally Bercow

I'm not quite sure yet. I am hoping she cops off with Paddy on the kitchen table. She says she hasn't told her husband!!! well I want to be a fly on that wall please. I think I could grow to love her. She definitely isn't going to take any shit is she.

Lucien Laviscount

Who? Coronation St? Waterloo Rd. I haven't got a scooby who this boy is, does or has shagged? Consider yourself with a free pass kid, I'm going to have to wait until you actually do something before I judge you.

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff

I would rather have had David!!!! I love David Hasselhoff. His ex-wife? Meh, not so much. And if you've divorced, hate each other blah blah blah, drop his name love, just drop it. Can we stick her in a corner with Tara so they can share their stash?

Male model.

Listen, I didn't catch his name. Frankly I don't care. From now one he will be known as eye candy (Ok, Bobby Sabel) I'm not quite sure how he got into the house. "celebrity" is meaningless these days isn't it? I reckon he is probably the nephew of a Channel 5 executive or something, I don't care really. It is EYE CANDY. and I for one applaud a bit of nepotism now and then. in this case it is more than welcome.


On my last post I called them the venereal disease of TV. I stand by that statement totally. The only thing I look forward to is seeing their hair all flat and floppy in the morning. If they can keep them away from the sugary drinks they may be valuable additions to the house. (ha ha ha ha KIDDING)

Overall a great mix of housemates. There will be a dash of explosive behavior, A spoonful of juvenile behavior, a lump or two...........

Channel 5 have spent their money well so far. As long as they didn't pay more than a fiver for Jedward that is. (not each)

Still not sure about Brian Dowling hosting. Although he did seem to channel a HELL of a lot of Davina I thought!!!

So what did YOU think of the return of Big Brother?

Were you happy with the quality of Celebrities?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. loving Big Bro too !!

  2. I was like "yaaaayyyy" when I saw you had written this post! I think you hit the nail on the head exactly re: Katona.
    Jedward excessive giddiness has to be an act (call me a cynic) so I will be interested to see how long they can keep up with it :o)

  3. They've really scraped the barrel this year. Just having a twitter arguement with some scroat who doesnt think I should call Paddy a gyppo. He is one, end of. Jedward are gonna irritate the shit out of me... Loved your description of them 'venereal disease of tv' haha. I dont like Amy Childs... But surprisingly enough i think Kerry will be my fave this year

  4. Brian was definitely channeling Davina and PMSL at Pamela saying "you don't know what it's like".... erm, twice before love!!!

    My money is on Paddy or Sally at the moment (I didn't think about them shagging but now you mention it...

    My facebook status tonight was: I'm going to hate myself for saying this but if you listen to Jedward, they do actually speak a lot of sense.

    Listen to them - they take the piss out of themselves A LOT and see the "reality world" for what it is. And there's a lot of "thank fuck I've got my bro here to see me through".

    Kill. Me. Now

  5. Love this, it made me laugh so much :) after the results of kerrys task though, i think shes quite genuine, and iv gone off sally. I think jedward are annoying but harmless! and so true about tara! way too skinny aswell!x


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