Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I understand why we need celebrities, I really do.

A world without celebrities would be very sad indeed, and just for these reasons alone it is obvious we NEED celebrities

There would be no Heat magazine. (or other celeb filled gossip rags)

Celebrity Big Brother wouldn't exist.

I would have no-one to judge and find wanting in the fashion stakes?

and without celebs...................Who would endorse make-up brands and fashion lines?

See? Life as we know it would be over.

We need celebrities as much as we need oxygen to breathe. (Ok, perhaps sarcasm doesn't translate as well in the written word, but you catch my drift don't you)

But what I CANNOT stand,

Really, really, really cannot stand is the offspring of celebrities who act as if they are famous in their own right.

The celebrabies.
Peaches "bloody" Geldof (I'm not sure if that is actually her middle name, but it's what I've always called her, and it seems to fit)  is just one example.

Who else do we have?

Chloe Madeley? (Currently opening an envelope near you)

Calum Best (Currently opening legs near you)

Paris Hilton (Currently opening her purse somewhere nowhere near you)

Suri Cruise. (Currently opening a chain of boutiques and writing her autobiography as we speak, I am sure of it-That child SCARES me)

Bianca Gascoigne (wannabe, pure and simple)

The celeb offspring list is endless. We don't need celebrities to carry on the celebrity circle of life with the spawn of their loins. That is what we have Big Brother for!!!

And these celebrity spawn are stealing the Maxim and Loaded spreads from honest hard working BB contestants and T4 presenters! Shame on them.

There are hard working fashion designers out there who literally work their fingers to the bone being pattern cutters trying to work their way up the ladder who then have to watch as the daughter of some no-mark celeb announces that she has always loved wearing clothes (and colouring in) so she is going to design a capsule collection for a High St store.

Celebrabies haven't earned celeb status by themselves. They have piggy-backed up a couple of grades just by being born and a lot of them think it is their birthright to be famous themselves. They get a small taste when they are presented as cute newborn bubbas in Hello magazine and forever chase that dream by trying to be papped falling out of Mahiki or their underwear (or usually both)

So move over Celebrabies. Make way for the REAL celebrities. The stars of TOWIE, Big Brother, failed X Factor finalists and "stars" of Britains Got Talent.

Here in England we KNOW who our celebs are.

and we ain't given them up without a fight.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. It's also the law that if your Daddy is a rockstar, you become a model. Even if you look like a reflection in the back of a spoon.

  2. Love it! Can spouses of celebrities then also be celebrities! If so then bring it on...I AM NOW FAMOUS!!

  3. Love this I wrote something similar the other day.

    But very true it has become the law that if your parent is famous you can hang off their coat tails!


  4. I'm generally not a celeb lover in general, unless they have some kind of actual talent. And I don't just mean looking pretty and being able to remember a script. These little kiddies are the worst though, shortly followed by ex girlfriends and boyfriends. Just the thought of that Peaches make me ball my hand into a fist.

  5. Well I deffo get your point but then I can't help thinking how it must be such a head mash to actually BE one of these celeb sprogs...

    To be brought up in a whirlwind of fame, cash, fans, paps etc must make you crave it when you are older??

    I do agree though, they do get on my nerves! Particularly the mini Hoffs!!!

    Em x

  6. Oh this made me giggle, especially after Paris Jackson's squabble with her friend on Twitter had people tweeting abuse at friend! I agree with Emma, though: how hard is it going to be Jordan's kids? How can you be a bank cashier with the name Princess Tiami?


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