Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cosmo Blog Awards

So today I am seeing a LOT of comments on social media outlets regarding the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.

And what saddens me is people saying that they don't want to ask for nominations because there are so many bigger, better blogs out there than theirs.

Can we all hold up a minute?

Says WHO?

Not only am I proud of my little blog but in MY EYES it is the best goddamn blog in the world.

It's all about SELF- BELIEF.

and we have to believe in ourselves before we can ask others to believe in us.

We all love what we do, otherwise we wouldn't be doing it. Everyone who blogs puts their heart and soul into their blogs, whether it is photographing on a sunny day so they can get the best picture or a blogger that bares their soul about a personal experience anyone who blogs leaves a small part of themselves on every page.

I want you ALL to be proud of your blog. nominate your own blog. I have. How can I ask others to nominate me if I don't have the self-belief in it to nominate myself.

Sometimes we just have to stand up and say.


Because you are.

Now go get your pretty backsides over to the icon on the right and vote for me in the Sex & Relationships category.

(I don't ask, I don't get)

And while you are there, vote for yourself, and then ask others to vote for you as well.

Because you are great.

Remember that.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. *whooping, clapping & cheering* then felt a bit silly so sat down. You are so fab. x

  2. My blog is fantastic. However, Cosmopolitan gets more than enough traffic as it is without stealing it from bloggers. They do this every year, to improve their SEO, and justify having a website to their shareholders.

    Wouldn't it be nice, if, just once, people decided to reward bloggers just because they're amazing, rather than use it as an exercise to make bloggers publicise the magazine itself?

    It's a cynical beauty parade, where only bloggers who already have a massive audience and one that will go and vote in a high enough quantity, can win.

  3. Thanks Mama you said it best! Love you for that! xx

  4. I could not have put that better myself. I was watching the twitter feed last night and I was getting more and more caught up in the 'There's no point going up against the Big Guns' attitude. I then had a moment where I thought 'hang on a cotton picking minute' I put my heart and soul into my little blog, I've loved it and nurtured it through good times and bad, so why shouldn't I nominate myself. I then filled in the nomination form(incorrectly, twice!) I shall do a little blog post asking my readers to vote for me if they think I'm worthy. If I don't even get through the nomination stage I will still love my little blog and blogging and more importantly the friends I've made along the way. (Psst I voted for you last night) Jude xxx @jadlgw

  5. That's why I decided to go with it. I work really, REALLY hard on my blog, write, write, write, take pictures of me in outfits and later hate myself for maybe coming accross as superficial and shallow, for putting myself out there... but hey I blog, it's what I do, and I wouldn't do it if I didn't think I could be good at it.

    I was talking about this on twitter this morning, and for me it's about sending some positive vibes to my work... of art hehe! So now I'm going to vote for you, because i adoooore reading you, because you are simply fabulous, and because you made us all think that yes, we might well deserve some of the good stuff...what the heck, why not? xxx

  6. I decided to enter because I love my blog, I don't expect to win and I don't care if I don't but at least I entered. Oh and I voted for you before this post so neh I beat you too it :P



  7. Talk about suck up to the judges.

    You have a big blog anyway so whats your problem? You write a post like this to make people think you are so great and beg for votes. So see through.

    I wont be voting for you

  8. Anon she is telling OTHERS to enter THEMSELVES you idiot.

  9. I am not voting for you right now. And I am not posting this as an anonymous post either. The main reason I won't vote for you right now is because my company has blocked the Cosmo.uk site and I can't get around the firewall. I'll have to wait until I get home tonight. LOL :-) Good Luck!

  10. Bah @ meanie trolls. You've got every right to ask and deserve masses of votes, Kellie. Great mix of post topics, beautiful design - what's not to love? I'm waiting for the next OOTD before voting, mind you - need to know what the carrier bag of the month is :-)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. You are not anonymous, its easy to see who you are by looking on twitter. Don't hide behind anonymity. If you feel strongly about something have the confidence to do it properly or not at all.

    Ive nominated you Kellie :-) xx

  13. Dear second Anon comment.

    Let's face it, I've obviously struck a nerve along the way. What's the issue here? Is there something inside you that doesn't believe that you are great?

    That's a shame. You say I have a big blog? That's relative, Bigger isn't always better. (read my penis post, you might enjoy it) perhaps instead of taking up your time posting anon comments on blog posts designed to boost people's confidence you use your time to think happy thoughts. Rainbows, kittens, that sort of thing. If that doesn't work. Just fuck off the Internet. Make it a better place.


    Big Fashionista

  14. Just to be clear, I'M the first (but only the first) anonymous commenter on this post. I didn't realise Google had stuffed up my authentication details when I logged in. Sorry, Kellie!

    I love blogs, I love blogging and I love bloggers. Hate competitions that aren't fair.

  15. Beautifully put as always Kellie! Its deffo given me something to think about as its like you said, I AM super proud of my little bloggy but am deffo not confident enough to put myself forward! Haha, ah well, maybe next year? :) But totally love what you wrote as always chick! Off to vote for you now me lovely... ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  16. I voted for you because I read your blog at least once (if not several) times a day and you make my day better by doing what you do. I'm not saying that to suck up, I'm saying that because it's true. I miss your posts when you don't post, I look forward to your Nom or Vom every single Friday, and I love how you cover topics that nobody else would dare talk about. Twitter was like effing Mean Girls today, everyone (Anon? Don't think so mate) was bitching.

    Good luck to EVERYONE who has entered their blog (and before you start, I don't fit into any category - what's new - so this is completely unbiased & impartial)but I hope that everyone who considers reading this blog a daily ritual votes for you because you are awesome and in the words of Tinie Tempah (the shame): Haters, I can't f*cking hear your reception.

  17. Hey Kellie, totally agree. It doesn't matter if you're a big / small blog what we're after remains the same and is not exclusive to one nor the other - uniqueness, great design, fantastic writing, entertaining videos, social media engagement and overall high quality. If you look at some of the winners from last year it was the smaller ones who scored the prizes - check out this from Carrie @wishwishwish.net if you need any reassurance! http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/best-fashion-style-blog

    I will be writing an informative piece tomorrow about exactly what we're looking for in each category and what Handpicked Media are looking for in theirs. Go to www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogawards2011 for all the info up there so far.

    And most of all... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

    Pat McNulty (Web Editor at Cosmopolitan.co.uk)



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