Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dinner for six.

Now the way this usually goes is people talk about how they would invite people over to their home for a fabulous dinner party. BUT I am the East London equivalent of Can't Cook, Won't Cook (Can't Cook, Order In) so I have an imaginary table for six in my favourite restaurant. (No, not MaccyDs) The scene is set and I am awaiting my five guests.

The first person to arrive at my imaginary dinner party is Jose Mourinho, I am a huge Chelsea fan, I always have been and always will be. Not only is Jose some top table totty he would be an interesting addition to the table with some great insights and hopefully some great stories about my favourite team. Jose Mourinho will ALWAYS be a god to me and I could listen to him talk in that arrogant way for hours.

The second person to arrive is Lionel Shriver, author of my favourite book "We Need To Talk About Kevin" She can sit next to me and listen to me rattle on and on and on about her book and how it gave me shivers when I read it. Obviously at some point in the evening I would get have to get her to sign my battered copy of the book (rude not to) and I would ask her Why Lionel? Why not Bob, or Steve?

Third person to arrive, Oliver Reed. No dinner party would be complete without Oliver Reed would it? This man could charm the birdies from the trees, even at his worst. A fantastic storyteller I expect there would be no awkward silences with hellraiser Olly around.

Fourth dinner party guest, Elizabeth Taylor. The romantic in me wants to know the whole story regarding her and Richard Burton. I also want to see her beautiful eyes up close and ask what eyeliner she uses. (Shallow yes, but hey, you want to know don't you)

My fifth guest would be Charlie Sheen. I want to find out exactly what is going on in that head of his. Is he playing up for the cameras? How did he feel about being fired from Two and a Half Men? What he thinks of Ashton Kutcher! and how would he get on with Oliver Reed.

(I don't think I've thought my seating plan through thoroughly enough do you?)

So there are my five guests for my dinner party. I think it would be a great mix of people, we would be chatting until the early hours, and I am sure I would be trying to offer myself as dessert to at least one guest.

But who would you invite to your dinner party?

Five guests,

and no washing up!!!! (result)

Let me know who's attending, I'll book the tables.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Oooooh, tricky ... I'm going with Daniel Craig, Jack Davenport, George Clooney, Hugh Grant and Bradley Cooper. They don't even have to speak, I will just sit and gaze at them. NOM!

  2. Oh my god, I just read that as "how would he get it on with Oliver Reed?" Mind you, that could be equally interesting!

    I shall have to ponder this mightily. I may even borrow your idea and blog about it if that's ok? I know who it would be if it was fictional characters but real people are more difficult.

  3. My guests are purely for my own entertainment Here are my guests:

    Pete Burns, he went from such a decent looking bloke in the 80's to a complete mess! He's so outspoken and I'd be guaranteed to have a good night If he was there.

    Lynda La Plante, she is an awesome author and wrote my favourite book Bella Mafia and one of my favourite tv series widows. I could find loads to talk about with her!

    Dave Navarro would get an invite to be my eye candy.

    Larry David has to be there to entertain me and all of the other guests, I adore the man!

    My last seat would go to Dean Martin so he could sing to me and entertain me with his stories!

  4. Mmm, I like this blog. I thought this would be easy, but it really isn't. Here we go: 1. Jet Li - amazingly talented, humble & selfless; 2. Fred Astaire - superb dancing and what a gentleman; 3. Peter Jackson - my favourite director with a massive mind; 4. JJ Abrams - another amazing director who is clearly quite mental and finally 5. Jane Austen - favourite author and would love to know if she really did find love in Tom Lefroy. Not sure how they'd all get on, but I'd bloody love it :) x


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