Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Ex File

Over the weekend there was a lot of gossip flying around that J-Lo and Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, whatever the hell he calls himself now are back together.

Ah, Jenny, you may be from the block but you are making a rookie error here.

An ex is usually an ex for a reason. and once you have gone your separate ways............ You should never, ever, ever, EVER revisit that particular point in your life again.

In fact, Listen up Cheryl Cole, this advice goes for you too.

Ex partners are good for one thing and one thing only.

NO NOT THAT!!!!! (Ok, well THAT as well)

The only time you should even have to SEE an ex boyfriend is when you have just stepped out of a salon, wearing an outfit that makes you look a size smaller than you are, (Oh go on then, two sizes) impeccable make up and beautiful shoes.

They should be looking sad and forlorn, you should be on your mobile chatting and laughing, hair a-swishing with your friends all around you.  You don't see who you bump into at first and as you go to apologise, your eyes meet. The ex looks you up and down and then says "Wow, you look great" You look at the ex, who is looking as though he has piled on the pounds a bit and is wearing a dirty T-shirt obviously!!! and reply, "Erm, yeah, you too" then you go your separate ways. (You get one of your friends to turn around to see if he is watching you-he IS obviously)

AND that is it.

That is the extent of any contact you should have with an ex. Especially when you have just come out of a relationship and are feeling vulnerable and lonely. That is when your mind plays tricks on you and makes you think that maybe the ex wasn't a bad person, maybe it was the wrong thing to do, you remember the good times and conveniently forget all the times he made you cry, or feel worthless.

Pesky mind and its tricky little ways.

I'm sure that out there are thousands of people who have a story about how they split up with someone, and then years later got back together, got married, raised a family and lived happily ever after and thats lovely.................. honest, it is. (vomits in mouth a bit)

But for most people, hooking up with an ex can only end up in tears.

You split up for a reason and usually the same problems reoccur and before you know it you are arguing over the same issues and problems you had the first time around.

Like groundhog day, without the cute little groundhog  (Or Bill Murray to distract you)

What do you think.

Would you pull an Ex-file?

Or should all exes stay off-limits forever?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Bleurgh! Exes are exes for a reason and should deffo stay in your past.

  2. every time you do go back it just gets a little bit worse/soul destroying, my dad has only ever given me one piece of advice in life- never go back. well, that and start saving for your pension asap!

  3. I never recycle lovers so it's a no for me too!


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