Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Flaming idiots

So everywhere you turn over these last couple of days you can't help but notice there are a LOT of people out there who under the pretence of protests have been ripping the heart out of communities and destroying not only places of work but peoples homes as well.

In my eyes what is happening in North London aren't protests.

It is disorganised shopping for free and I completely fail to see how people think that stealing a plasma TV will suddenly help make their point regarding getting answers.

But then the people stealing carpets and trainers and TVs truly have no interest in Mark Duggan and finding out the truth.

And I won't even have it that these are young angry people who are lashing out at the goverment because of lack of jobs, homes and school places.

What most of these people are is SCUM.

They don't care about standing up and being counted, they aren't marching peacefully towards a police station demanding answers, or towards 10 Downing St with a petition to hand in.

They just want to blow shit up, steal "stuff" and generally get in a fight with the police. The people currently destroying communities have hijacked a legitimate protest and are using it to get new trainers.

And now it is spreading like a virus. Tottenham, Enfield, Croydon, Hackney and now where I live. NEWHAM (Although, being the Olympic host borough I am sure you won't be hearing about it)

This is where I live, Where I love, where my children play out and where I choose to live. I am sickened by what is happening in London. Absolutely sickened.

We don't have much in this area, but we had PRIDE.

Have people just woken up over the last couple of days and decided that they don't want to pay for their 54" plasmas anymore?

Has the world gone mad?

What started out as a legitimate protest about a lack of communication has now turned into a wave of disorder and chaos. The ripple effect is spreading out to other boroughs and an already at breaking point Met Police are being stretched even further.

London is now tearing itself apart.

The saddest picture for me was the building that had stood through the war and was destroyed by fire in Tottenham on the first night of the riots.

This building not only symbolised in my opinion what we had and fought for, but what we are capable of destroying.


What do you think?

Are these legitimate protests? Or are you shocked and saddened about what is happening in London at the moment?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Couldn't agree more. This is not even rioting - it's simply moronic, feral, smash grab & burn behaviour. It makes me sick to my teeth. Here in Greece, we've had our share of widely publicised rioting this year (and the destruction was rightly condemned) but it has never been a thinly veiled cover for greed-driven looting sprees for fancy sports wear, plasma TVs, etc.

    The mindless 'recreational violence' in the UK of the past few days has made me a little ashamed of being English, but the response of those behind http://www.riotcleanup.co.uk have made me feel proud again. We should all do everything we can to support their efforts - even if it is just spreading the word.

  2. Thinking of you all in London. This is a sad and terrible time for our country.

  3. I couldn't agree more. It disgusts me what I am seeing on the news. There is no protesting going on, it's just mindless idiots who are bored and looking for a bit of evening entertainment. What these idiots fail to realise is that with the current financial state the country is in, they are just compounded the misery for thousands of people.

    I hope to God these monsters are caught and punished.

  4. These riots are so far removed from the initial protests regarding Mark Duggan. It has become an excuse for people to trash local communities because the feel hard done by and it is the good and innocent who will clean up the mess and try to restore some order to London's streets.

    It breaks my heart when I hear about small local businesses and people's homes being ransacked and attacked - I don't understand how setting fire to people's homes can ever be justified.

    Need to remember that these thugs are the minority in Britain.

    Hope everyone in the affected areas stays safe.

    Steph xx

  5. @Georgiegirl19859 August 2011 at 10:12

    *Stands up and starts clapping*
    Couldn't have put it better myself. Nothing to add - I can't put into words how angry and sad I am about this.

  6. I think I could easily write a book ranting about this subject - and since I live nearby too, I am also quite worried about it spreading. Like a normal person, I don't want my home and all I know around me ravaged by a bunch of fools who's idiocy knows no bounds. As far as I'm concerned, yes, the police were initially quite rough with the people of Tottenham - but I mean, why SHOULDN'T they be? They're trying to stamp out drugs and that's a good thing, even if it wastes 5 minutes of your day. Yes, a man did get shot - but in England, you don't pull out a gun on an officer and not expect to be shot. If you've got a gun, for whatever reason, you deserve to be shot, in my opinion - since ownership of one is the equivalent of saying that you are prepared to, and are okay with, killing someone. Yes, the riots are out of control but did it need to get to this point? No. People are setting their OWN neighbourhoods alight and robbing their OWN neighbours of the right to live peacefully, how do they benefit from this? 'Yay we saved about 200 quid on clothes because we robbed H&M'? You could earn 200 quid in less than a month - none of this even goes back to their initial reasoning which is lack of jobs, lack of respect from officers and lack of homes etc - but none of these people seem to think outside the box, or even look past the end of their noses to realise that they can work for their-selves if they've got a good skill, just pop out a few ads, go door-to-door and ask if people need a job doing at all, they could gain respect and trust from officers by doing more themselves to aid in ridding the town of drugs and so on... it just seems to me that these people enjoy to incite trouble and excuse my language, but just enjoy to take the fucking piss. Ah well, I suppose at the end of the day, these will most likely be the ones who are caught and will have to clean up their mess and people will just laugh. At least I hope so.

  7. It is no longer a protest, just purely mindless violence and greed! I doubt the majority of these 'rioters' even know what the original protests were about and have just siezed the opportunity to personally gain from the circumstances!

  8. I stand prepared to be corrected on this but I think the very initial stages in Tottenham were a legitimate protest and since then it's just been overrun by complete fuckwits and turned into mob rule. They're criminals, plain and simple. I'd be astonished if any of them even knew why they were on the streets in the first place. It's just an opportunity to further indulge their opinions that the world owes them everything and help themselves to loads of stolen free stuff. Makes me sick.

    Makes me even more sick that it's spreading to Liverpool. (Not that the London stuff isn't awful but this is getting really close to home now). The idiots up here just want a scrap and to cause trouble. We won't let them bring the city down.

  9. Well said everyone. Alex, I totally agree that the initial protest was legitimate. But unfortunately was hijacked by people who are just out to steal and destroy things

  10. What I'm reading on twitter and watching on the news is making me feel sick to my stomach, I can't understand how any of these looters think it's acceptable to raid shops, burn cars and buildings and scare residents so badly that they are leaving their homes.

    People are saying it's because they have nothing to do, there are no jobs and youth clubs have been closed! Ok that may be the case but if they are really that bored why don't they volunteer, learn some new skills, apply for funding from a private source to start a youth club or do some fundraising.

    If these people are looting because they have such a bad life and have no money, how do they afford their blackberry mobile phone's so they can all message each other about meet ups? Where do they get internet access from to arrange facebook groups and where are they finding the money to buy designer trainers and clothing?

    Initially it was awful that a man lost his life, I have not read enough to know the whole story so I will not comment on this. What I will say is that it is no longer a riotor protest, it's criminal activity. The police in this country do not have enough power, the judicial system is all wrong and more needs to be done to protect the innocent and prosecute the villains.

  11. Just realised I've made a typo! I was meant to type riot or protest!

  12. It's mindless violence by stupid, bored, idiotic simpletons with no clue and no reason. It sickens me.

  13. I just can't believe how this has escalated into such violence and crime. Its devasting the damage to people's home and livelihoods and it made me bloody angry when some interviewees on television gave the excuses that it was due to lack of goverment funding or they are no youth clubs. The rest of the country are suffering due to cuts and no facilities for youth, it hasn't made them riot, destroy or steal! Take care and stay safe xx


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