Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Girl crush

For some reason it is a lot easier for women to admit to a girl crush on another woman than it is for men.

Now I could do a whole blog post on being comfortable enough with your own sexuality to admit that there is a member of the same sex you wouldn't mind bumping uglies with. But I won't, because to be honest there is a cold bottle of White Zinfandel in the freezer with my name on it and there is a fine line between crisp cold wine and a wine slushy.

(I don't do wine slushies, even for a detailed blog post. Priorities people, priorities)

So let us all instead admire my latest girl crush of the moment.

Amber Heard.

Now honestly I don't think she would ever take over from my No 1 girl. Olivia Wilde

but she is coming a close second.

She pretty. In fact both of these ladies are damn sexy. (I would)

I don't see anything wrong in having a girl crush at all. (especially when you have great taste in women like me)

So let us show people who feel uncomfortable with their feelings or are unsure about how they are meant to feel, that there is nothing wrong with a girl crush (or two)

Who's your girl crush?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Way too many beautiful women to chose from! They both look stunning in these pics xx :o)

  2. My OH and I frequently agree on who is hot and who is not...

    Olivia Wilde is most CERTAINLY on my top 10. Nom nom nom.

  3. Rachel Bilson - she actually can do no wrong. Big girl crush. Big time.

  4. mine is Olivia Palermo, she always looks stunning and i love her hair colour..

    My ultimate in Yasmin le Bon - nuff said


  5. Drew Barrymore, always and forever. Rachel Bilson and Mila Kunis are definitely on the list but they lag way behind her.

  6. My top girl crushes would probably be Sarah Jessica Parker (love her!), Emma Watson, Christina Hendricks, and Emma Stone. Such gorgeous ladies.

  7. Mila Kunis and Rhianna, in fact there are too many to mention! Did you ever see Amber Heard on Top Gear? The girl likes muscle cars and guns - thought Jeremy Clarkson was going to have a coronary! xx

  8. I agree with Alex, Drew Barrymore for me! :D xo

  9. I have so many girl crushes my entire computer is flled with pictures of girls - BIT WEIRD?

  10. I TOTALLY would, both of them! ...me being bi an'all...
    woof woof
    sorry for lowering the tone :-D

  11. Angelina Jolie, since I was a teen, looooove her, then there's Kim Kardashian, cannot stop looking at her...and right now I'm completely speechless over Sofia Vergara...so there you go, I guess I have a type with the last two I mention. And weirdly, I have the same taste as my man ;)

  12. Always you Kellie ;-) Jan x

  13. Jessica Alba and I don't care who knows it! x

  14. Ooh can't pick just one so either Milla Jovovich, Bernie Dexter, Kat Von D or Lucy Liu!! :)

  15. Well, firstly you Kel... but then Kate Winslet and Kelly Brook.


  16. Miranda from Sex and the City (kind of coincidence that she is in fact a lesbian in real life!)

  17. Natalie Portman (sexy, sophisticated and oh so talented) and Natalia Kills (sexy, strong).

    Madison @ http://www.sex-shopping-and-chocolate.com/ xx


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