Thursday, 18 August 2011

It's Back baby

So it's back.

I thought our long-term relationship was over. We had said our goodbyes and I thought I was beginning to move on. I even started to look at others.....................

But it was never the same.

And then I heard whisperings. Friends of friends had heard that you were back on the market.

I knew it wouldn't be long before you were snapped up.

And I was right.


So today is the start of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5.

I have to admit I am a huge fan of Big Brother. I've debated on forums about the sincerity of Saskia & Maxwells relationship, Argued whether Sandy was right to escape over the wall and wondered out loud how on this fine earth some contestants ever passed the psych evaluation.

I am a Big Brother FREAK.

And you know what? I am proud to be a fan. Every summer Big Brother has kept me company. I grow to love (and hate) the contestants as if they were my own family. I shout at the television, cover my eyes when I can see something about to happen that really shouldn't, and tut disapprovingly when the inevitable fight over the shopping list begins. (Toilet rolls first people, remember that)

But let us be honest here, over the last couple of years on Channel 4, Big Brother had been seen as a stepping stone for greedy wannabes who can't be arsed to audition for Babestation or Television X, wagabees with Premier League aspirations and people who think their lack of intelligence means they will be able to get a walk on part in Hollyoaks.

Now Channel 5 have taken over I am hoping to see some changes.

Tonight sees the start of CELEBRITY Big Brother, I am guessing that the group will contain a failed soap star, an ex addict, some woman who used to be hot, and bloody Jedward. The venereal disease of reality television of the moment. (Spreading fast and not enough lotion in the world to slow them down or stop them)

This is Channel 5's chance to put their mark on Big Brother, although in my opinion they proved they weren't willing to break new ground when they hired Brian Dowling.

I WILL be watching tonight Channel 5. But I am treating you like an ex boyfriend who has strolled back into my life begging for a second chance.

I need you to woo me, amuse me, give me a showmance and make me want to want you, Hell make me NEED you. Remind me of what I missed and show me you can give me more than you ever did before.

If you can do that Channel 5, I will promise to love, honour and obey you forever. Because I'm willing to make a long term commitment if you are.

Is anyone else excited to see the start of Celebrity Big Brother tonight?

Let me know what you are looking for in your CBB experience. Do you expect to be left cold or do you hope to be smitten like a lovestruck kitten?

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I love Big Brother, I've never missed a series, I am however the only person I know who actually likes it!

    I love watching celebs making an arse of themself and nothing makes me smile more than Joe bloggs crying in the toilet, I love to watch the contestants rise and fall, I just hope the tasks are brutal and the alcohol is flowing! x

  2. I will probably watch this series, but only because I have no real life at the moment and there's not much on TV these days! I always watch the first few episodes of a series but then I forget about it or get bored. So we'll see...xx

  3. I think I might be about to fall off the Big Brother wagon. *THUD* Yep, there I go. What time is it on?

  4. Can't stand it, sorry! Series one looked like an interesting experiment ... but then it went too far!!! Reality TV has taken over the world. :(

  5. thanks for the reminder i heard about cbb starting again but totally forgot that it was today. Can`t wait.

  6. Ah Big Brother. What can I say?
    As a journalist (I worked on the celebrity weekly Now magazine as Associate Editor for 3 years) and the wife of a former contestant I have an insight that many don't. I have met all the 'names', been to the parties etc
    It was a great show from 2000-2006 in my opinion but just like many relationships it then ran its course...this is the chance for BB to rise from the ashes and I hope it will have a phoenix-like glow I really do..LETS WAIT AND SEE

  7. I was an avid fan of Big Brother right from the beginning, and of course I'm going to watch tonight, because I always watch the first one. But, I don't know if I have much faith in Channel 5, especially if the promotional idents are anything to go by, they've just looked a bit cheap, imho.

    But, I'm trying to keep an open-mind. Though I think I'll be more excited when the non-celebrity one comes around :)

  8. Watched all the series ... until the last one. Didn't watch any of it and ... I hate to say it ... but I doubt I'll watch any of this one either. I just get SO irritated these days. Big Brother exaccerbates that feeling! But you go knock yourself out gf - different strokes for different folks :)

  9. I've watched all but one series ( a bit of an experiment. And I didn't miss it. Plus it proved that if you don't want to watch it, you can easily avoid hearing about it too.) Loved the last series...the 'ignore everything' task will be a tough one to beat! I'll definitely be watching the new one, and think Brian's a great choice for presenting skills (Kellie - we had the "Brian debate" during Ultimate BB so know you're not a fan.) Also, a lot of the people who worked on the C4 version are working on the new one which makes sense as it's a hell of a job for a whole new team to get their head around. And if they change it too much, people may not like it. I guess you can't please all of the people all of the time. Time will tell and I'll (probably) be glued! x


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