Thursday, 25 August 2011

Now where did I leave that?

I drive Mr Fashionista to distraction, (What can I say, it's a gift) Let me put this politely. Mr F is more than slightly OCD. He MAKES LISTS for gods sake. LISTS.


Erm, to make a list I would actually have to be able to find a pen!!! (And if I could borrow a piece of paper? that would be great, I did have a notebook but.............. um)

I am the sort of person that can actually take a sane tidy man, mess with their mind (and their house) for a while and leave behind an empty shell of a man who has completely lost the will to live. (Ok, chances are he didn't lose it, I probably misplaced it)

(like I said, it's a gift)

I basically float through life. I put things down, spend a little while looking for it. If I find it, great. If I don't? Oh well, It will turn up.


It does.

And THAT is what drives people to distraction.

(especially my other half)

Laid back? I'm so laid back over lost items I'm horizontal. What is the point of stressing over a misplaced earring, purse, CHILD? (To be fair, it was one child, and I did find him again........eventually) They always reappear. Why give myself wrinkles worrying about that sort of stuff?  (Checks face in mirror, just in case)

I don't have places for things, Keys, handbags, coats, pens, All come in and out of my life like seasons. The only reason I don't go through more mobile phones is that they have a handy find function. (If only my childhood hamster had been fitted with a ringtone, it  would have saved a LOT of tears)

The best thing about being slightly airy-fairy over lost things is that I get constant little surprises, I can reach into a pocket of a jacket I find at the back of the wardrobe and find a ten pound note. I can find a pair of earrings that I forgot I had, that match a dress I forgot I had that go with the jacket I just found in the wardrobe. (and I have cab fare-excellent)

As someone recently described it perfectly.

I'm a leaver, Mr F is a putter.

What about you?

Do you have lists? Do you know where everything is?  (Do you know where my phone charger is?)

Or do you float through life, knowing that things will come back eventually?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Just like my Mum I am a putter. My ME/CFS affects my memory, so if I don't make lists and put things in the same place, I have no idea where they are. And just like his Mum, my husband is a finder. Except he's not. I'm his finder.
    We spend most of our time going through this :- Him "baby, have you seen my phone/ipod/wedding ring/glasses" Me "on the chest of drawers/bathroom shelf/in the fridge" or wherever the hell he's left his items this time.
    And the most annoying thing is the countless wasted hours when we're leaving the house. I'm ready, I've got my stuff, let's go. Nope. I stand about in the hallway as he assembles his stuff from odd places all over the flat. And his Mum is exactly the same. Literally every time she leaves her house, she spends 5 minutes or so outside the front door, digging through her handbag to find her keys. She never puts them in the same place twice in her bag. It's so frustrating! Popping out to the shop becomes this huge event while they find all their crap.

    Ok, I've vented now. Am feeling much better. And have you checked under the bed/behind the couch/in your overnight bag for your phone charger? :D

  2. i am a slight OCD type, the complete opposite to you apparently, i make lists of things i need to make lists of... everything has a place / box / spot. it is crazy how organised i like to be, in some ways being organised calms me... i sound like a basket case (i probably am) but it takes all sorts doesnt it? :D

  3. I'm definately a leaver, but I've been blessed with an excellent memory, so I can always remember where I left things. I'm a bit like that character from the movie Dreamcatcher who can wiggle his finger and find stuff. Only I don't wiggle my fingers when I'm looking for things. That would just be weird.

  4. I'm a leaver and like Ashleigh I too have an excellent memory so I can always find things (if I wish to) I have a good habit of loosing a purse and a bag so I have to replace it with something fabulous only for it to turn up a week later ;)

    My G is a leaver and has a shocking memory, I dread to think what state he would be in without me, keys, phones, cars, chargers, money, clothes all go missing and it's up to me to work out where he could have left them and to go and find them.

  5. Despite being a putter with some OCD issues, one time the thing that was missing was my passport. Long story short, my boyfriend spent two weeks in the Caribbean without me (I was meant to join him but it took 9 sodding days to get a new passport and would have cost me nearly £1500 to go for 3 days.) The passport never turned up...given that me and my friend turned my house upside down looking for it, I'd actually have been gutted if it had turned up after the fact. I should have trusted my OCS enough to know that if it wasn't where it should've been, it wasn't anywhere. It's a sorry tale but proves that even with OCD, shit happens.

  6. I am a list writer and a putter! I like to have lists of lists. My OH is a putter too but to a lesser degree which means we both know where everything is all of the time.

    Our child is going to be neurotic about lists isn't it?

  7. Even reading this post annoyed me! OH is a dumper/discarder, leaves stuff in random places and then expects me to find it. I am "a place for everything and everything in its place" anal, ocd freak. I would strangle you if I had to live with you, and I'd know exactly where I had put the rope to do it! BTW your writing is going from strength to strength, you really have found your "voice" I am loving your stuff!

  8. Do you know where my phone charger is? = hahaha
    i like to make lists but it doesnt make me more organised. i am just as disorganised lol. making a list gives me the ILLUSION i am organised lol xx

  9. I have been a slob my WHOLE LIFE. Apparently as a ~Virgo~ I'm supposed to be all OCD and stuff....but I'm about the messiest person alive. I mean there could be a dead body in my room and I'd only know from the smell. I wouldn't be able to find it...but I'd be able to smell it!

    It drives everyone I know crazy. But at the end of the day my clothes go on the floor and I don't put things away and it just doesn't bother me. If things are on the floor I generally know where they are and I lose them less!!! When I put things away I forget where I put them and I get upset and frustrated.

    I get upset if someone cleans up after me to an extent too, because then I don't know where anything is!!



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