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Role models for our children? An own goal,

So an expert with nothing but time on his hands today has announced that football bad boys such as Joey Barton are good role models for young people.

(This is my incredulous face)

Stephen Mumford of Nottingham University has stated that  "People who have experienced shame, troubles and wrestled with their inner demons maybe able to teach us about our own lives"


(My incredulous face has just turned into an "Are you kidding me" face)

Role models for young people are EXTREMELY important, especially at the moment. There are troubles happening across the country. mindless destruction, senseless violence and terror.

But I'm really not sure that holding up people such as Joey Barton as a role model for our "yoofs" is the best way to go about things. I would lay money on it. a LOT of money. A days wages of one of these muppets perhaps?

In fact, is there anyone out there who thinks it is a wise idea to hold up ANY footballer as a role model for the youth of today?

Wayne Rooney?

Slept with prostitutes behind his pregnant wifes back. (Classy huh?)

Ryan Giggs?

Lying, unashamed man-whore. (That is all)

Jermaine Pennant?

Drink driving offences

I could carry on with this list for hours but frankly I'm bored of listing over-paid idiots with an inflated sense of self-worth who give next to nothing back.

Professor Stephen Mumford. What does he actually do? Do you have to have a special qualification to spout crap these days or can anyone do it?  (Seriously dude, get a blog already)

I wonder if there a group of professors sitting in a pub somewhere drinking pints of bitter and trying to come up with the most outlandish statement they can think of to release to the media and see who bites? (That'll be The Daily Mail sources outed then)

I don't want a philosophy professor telling me who to hold up as a role model for my children.

Especially if he is going to be talking out of his philosophical posterior!!!!

When I was a "yoof" (many, many years ago) my role models were my parents and grandparents. Hard-working, loving people who taught me right from wrong, let me make my own mistakes while still making sure I learnt from them, wiping up my tears when my heart was broken, always supporting me and yet teaching me how to fly solo.

THESE are the role models that we need to hold up to our children these days.



If you do, hold them close and tell them you love them. Tell them you will support them and always be there for them and teach them right from wrong.

And if you don't? Maybe you need to start taking a good hard look at yourselves and take a bit of responsibility for what is occurring across the country.

It is time for all to stand up and be counted.

Let's not leave it to others to inspire our children.

We need to be the best role models that we can be.

Big Fashionista x x

What do you think? Am I being idealistic? Are we expecting children to learn right from wrong without ever holding ourselves up as good examples. Or are you standing up and applauding right now?

Let me know. x x


  1. Thank you for saying exactly what was in my head. People seem to think that earning lots of money immediately makes youeligible for role model status. It's the 'real' people kids see day in day out that will influence their lives.

  2. I agree totally, I am sick of hearing about Footballer they are over privileged and have no understanding in any case they don't live in the 'REAl WORLD'

    Regarding them as role models make me want to scream. Its not just their immortal behaviour its the way they behave in general. There are very few you could hold up as role models and the ones being talked about in the press and on Twitter are far from role models.

    How could anyone in their right minds use Joey Barton or Wayne Rooney as Role Model!!!

  3. I think that there needs to be less focus on celebrity role models. Totally agree that parents/grandparents should be the good example for children but sometimes that isn't always the case and then we should be promoting role models in local communities rather than famous people. Just one example are teachers. Teachers can make a huge difference to a child's values/morals as well as empower a child, particularly if that child doesn't necessarily have a positive role model at home.

    I think that there is a wealth of talent in Britain's youth today and appropriate role models in a variety of fields should be promoted, inspirational people, rather than relying on tabloid heroes to guide our children.

    Steph x

  4. Steph, did you see that the first person up in court this morning for looting was a teacher?

    So awful.

  5. I couldn't have put it better.

  6. I think he was a teachiing assistant actually. A an ex-teacher, I'm afraid to say that teachers are all to often seen as 'the establishment' and often the enemy. If kids lack discipline at home, there is no way they will accept it at school. If the parents don't support the teachers and the schools, then there is nothing they can do.

  7. Dirk Kuyt? Devoted family man, all round good chap, works his socks off and gives half his wages to a foundation he's set up to help people with disabilities access sport. Oh no, wait, he's not good looking enough to get any positive media coverage for it.

    Gah. I hate this whole thing. I saw a great tweet earlier on today that basically said we shouldn't be promoting footballers or rappers as role models for these people because it's that sort of idealisation of celebrity culture and instant fame/money that's part of the problem. Like you, I didn't have any famous role models when I was growing up. I looked up to my parents and grandparents because they were and are amazing, strong, hardworking people.

  8. I would want to read the whole of what he said. Because the piece you have quoted of him isn't actually controversial. Did he actually say everything you have put in your blog post or are you just putting words in his mouth?

    You know I love you. But this is all a bit Daily Mail. Sorry.

  9. Ahhhhh I love you too. Mr London Street.

    A bit Daily Mail?

    Ooooooh hurtful.

    Nope, nothing controversial. He has given his opinion. I've disagreed and given mine, just as you have given yours.

    The only part I take offence at is the putting words into his mouth part.

    Why would I do that? And if I did surely I would have added something interesting such as voting for Kellie in the Cosmo Blog Awards Sex & Relationships section is proven to add three inches to your penis

    Thank you x

  10. I'm 22, and when I was growing up my idols were the Spice Girls. They taught me to be proud of myself and that being a girl was awesome. So I don't think it's celebrity role models as a generalisation we should be criticising, but the current batch.

    The girls off The Only Way is Essex, or the footballers you have mentioned are not positive role models at all, but they could be! They are in such positions of power and popularity that they could be doing so much good, and they don't and that's what sickens me.

  11. All he has said in the quote is that we can learn from people's mistakes as well as our own. From that - uncontroversial - statement, you have constructed a whole argument that he is saying that people like Wayne Rooney and Joey Barton are excellent role models for young people. That's clearly nonsense, but it is not what he said. You have exaggerated and polarised a perfectly reasonable viewpoint - and it's not like he said that such figures are the only role models, or mentioned Joey Barton, or even specifically mentioned young people - to score cheap points.

    It's a pity because this is a really interesting topic: why should famous people be role models at all? Wouldn't it be better for young people to get role models from their own community, or from their families?

    Maybe you should Tweet at him and get his take on your blog post - @SDMumford.

  12. What happens if someone who's female votes for your blog.... I don't want a penis. O.o

  13. Nowhere have I said that HE thinks Rooney or the others are bad role models.

    That is my opinion.

    And I'm sticking by it.

  14. And I'm not trying to score points. Unlike some people

  15. "So an expert with nothing but time on his hands today has announced that football bad boys such as Joey Barton are good role models for young people."


    "People who have experienced shame, troubles and wrestled with their inner demons maybe able to teach us about our own lives"

    Hmm, hardly the same thing are they?

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  17. When it was kicking off I just had the line'Money for Nothing' in my head all the time. That's what kids see in these Footballers, Models, Big Brother Contestants.... Finding role models can be hard in a world where we may not live near grandparents or like one of mine an alcoholic. But wise words for parenting I once heard was to make good friends. Ones you would be pleased for your children to know. Kids won' always want to share things with there parents as they grow up, but if you have friends who can be mentors people they trust to turn to. Another form of role model.....

  18. I take the professor's point that people who have experienced troubles in their lives can be role models, but only if they can show how they have turned their lives around. Someone please show me the evidence that Joey Barton or any other footballer has done so and I will gladly accept the argument.


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